Friday, July 27, 2012

Mars Rover Will Search for Signs of Life: August 2012

On August 5, 2012, NASA's newest Mars rover, named Curiosity, will land on the Martian surface. It will attempt to land in one of the lowest points on Mars, a crater which scientists believe was once covered by water. Curiosity will then search for signs of life in the crater, both past and present. It will also examine the walls of the crater which are composed of layers of sedimentary rock, similar to the walls of the grand canyon. These rock layers could hold evidence that life did at one time exist on the red planet: source
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Anonymous said...

Yea and the recordings will be video edited and assumed to be another lifeless planet. I'm pretty amp'd up to see what I can can create with simple video programing software.

Anonymous said...

As I watch this, it's funny to see how real it already looks. Not sure if we will tell the difference between the real footage versus a simulated one. Guess it appears that we are still doing something out there in space. Interesting how we still barely know anything about the moon let alone mars.

Nemesis said...

What is this all about? What is NASA directing us to look at rather than following up what has already been exposed? Why is NASA not checking out Cydonia instead?

Searching for life? Do they mean microbes or higher forms? What does NASA hope to achieve with this latest 'search' when the evidence already suggests that Mars was once inhabited by beings that have left behind ample evidence of their previous existance? Why the cover up?

Anonymous said...

again looking for bacteria?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10.25pm

Yeah,I know! here we go "again looking for bacteria" BUT! an interesting thought could be: How much BACTERIA could our little friends be bringing here to Earth??
if any at all?.........

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