Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UFO Lights in South Coast of Australia, Durras, Ulladulla & Batemans Bay

Ufo lights have recently been filmed in the popular holiday area of the South coast of Australia in the areas of Durras, Eurobodalla and Batemans Bay.
RealUfos would like to hear from any fellow Aussies who may have seen Ufos as well in the area.
I would like to ask even though Chinese lanterns are banned in Australia has anyone considered these be simply lanterns hovering? Lanterns can be bought online and brought into the country by tourists and if you haven't seem them before they sure do look like ufos:
According to Sydney UFO investigator Doug Moffett, a bizarre shining orb filmed hovering near Batemans Bay on the New South Wales south coast late last month is a genuine unidentified flying object. Eurobodalla resident Ben Roberts filmed more than eight minutes of footage early on June 21 tracking the bright sphere of light flashing and moving above the horizon. He said he was "amazed" by how bright the UFO appeared. "It was not a plane," he said. "There were no flashes and it was way too slow. Same for a helicopter - no flashes and too slow."
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Anonymous said...

No lantern mate I live within an hours drive of this sighting. Customs here are VERY strict, plus it is winter, freezing and wet and miserable, not tourist season. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Chinese people here but they are not common down this way, its just not something that you would see a lantern off this coast. There are 2 naval bases a little north of there but according to reports I heard they checked that possibility and it was denied to be any aircraft from there or any other aircraft known. UFO's are sighted around these parts at times especially off the coast.

Stif Wix said...

my partner and i seen four very similar lights about 2 weeks ago heading over oak flats towards lake illawara bridge. they were travelling rather smoothly behind each other but not in a perfect line. they seemed to be about 200 meters or so high in the sky and trhey looked like very large stars or street lights. they where in clear vision as we pulled over in the car and got out to watch them. they then started flickering and slowly disapeared but im not sure if they went behind a tree or cloud as it was night. I watch the skies very regularly, and am greatly informed on the subject. they were not planes or hellicopters as we heard a light hovering like sound . I reported it to the oak flats police station, after giving details and talking for a short while he was informed by a collegue they were looking for something at the lake at the moment , but didnt say weather or not they had choppers or planes out as i dont think he really knew. i know if a hellicopter (yet 4) is that close i would have definatly heard that noise and seen different lights as i see them regularly.

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