Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gary McKinnon - is this the Ufo hackers last stand ?

This just in about the Gary Mckinnon case -
As you may know i have been following the Mckinnon case close on the blog since last year..
We all thought with the Obama administration that the extradition would not go ahead but this doesn't look like its the case .... if you don't know much about this case read more here.

Real Ufos would like to know your opinions on the controversial 'Nasa Ufo' hacker Gary :

A Briton accused of hacking into NASA computers should not be extradited to the US due to his mental health, a lawyer said Tuesday, adding that he was eccentric and "passionate" about UFOs.

McKinnon was "an eccentric person who has passionate views about UFOs," his lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told the High Court in London, adding that extradition was "unnecessary, avoidable and disproportionate."

McKinnon's lawyers had hoped he could be prosecuted in Britain and face a less severe sentence, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ruled in February that the case was best brought in the United States.

They are seeking a judicial review of a decision by then home secretary Jacqui Smith last October to order his extradition.

Fitzgerald said the then minister had not realised the severity of McKinnon's mental problems. "She underestimated the gravity of the situation without obtaining evidence of her own," he said.

Article extract Source -AFP

read more .. Gary McKinnon the NASA Ufo hacker:

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll repeat it-if you go snooping around in the governments computer systems, expect to be fried! I'm quite sure he knew that he was doing something illegal and he knew the consequences. Personally, I don't want anyone violating these systems, NASA or not. We have to have some rules people!

kuergun said...

This man was doing what we all want to do GET THE TRUTH OUT!! and NASA "never a straight answer" are pissed off that a simple brit beat their system I say we should back him up



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