Tuesday, June 09, 2009

UFO Over Oakland June 2009

New Ufo report from this poster seen over Oakland

This light orb appeared again on a day of chemtrail spraying. It hovered over my house for 15 minutes. Notice some interesting flares or sparks or possibly smaller orbs that appear below the object at the end of the video.

Again, another day of very heavy chem-trail spraying. Trails would linger for hours and spread out across half the sky. It was about 4:30pm when I spotted this orb hovering very high above me. There are some interesting flashes of light that occur for a couple of frames right next to the orb. It almost looks like blasts from a rocket like propulsion system. The distinct darker outlines around the top and bottom of the object are very similar to the other video I posted, so it seems that it's the same type of object. I'm almost convinced that these are some kind of government probe craft that are connected to the chem-trail activities.
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