Monday, June 08, 2009

UFOs perviously seen on Romanian News

Not sure when this report was but romania has had a few interesting ufo reports make the news over the last year

And an older previously posted one from the romanian news
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Mihai said...

The second one is from 2004, as they say in the movie. I am from Romania and I have seen something like that in 2004 as well, only they were orange light flying in a very strange way an in another part of the country.

Michal Sobczyk said...

The aliens don't seem to be caring much about anonymity. If it is a spaceship, then these entities inside know that they're over a big city and they have all the lamps switched on. What is the purpose of flying with lights switched on? Safety? Or maybe they're just showing off? Or they just don't care and don't pay much attention into it.

madilen said...

yes mihai in 2004 was the event im frome romania to :)

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