Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brazil now Uruguay releases some Ufo files

Another day - another country comes forward with Ufo disclosure.
It was only last week i reported that back in May Brazil released 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, and now Uruguay releases 40 recetly classified Ufo files:


The UFO phenomenon has manifested itself many times in Uruguay. Thirty years after research began, 40 cases remain unexplained. The files were declassified and EL PAIS was allowed access to them

The Uruguayan Air Force will not publish a "Blue Book" containing the results of its 30 years of research, but the high command allowed EL PAIS access to records and eyewitness accounts.


Unsolved cases have a considerable high strangeness quotient for the FAU. For example, the 1986 pursuit by two Pucara jet fighters over the Palmar Dam in response to the maneuvers of a luminous sphere. The pilots joined together and decided to chase it. When they were about to intercept it, the sphere flew off at a dizzying rate of speed toward Argentina and could not be reached. When the pilots returned to their base, the sphere reappeared over the dam. But the same thing occurred - the chase occurred and it vanished from sight, changing colors from red to yellow.

A similar case occurred to a group of military pilots in 1996, that is to say, qualified observers engaged in exercises over the Santa Bernardina base in Durazno. As in 1986, they saw two luminous spheres, whose presence was corroborated by the airport's control tower. When the objects flew away, they maintained their shape and luminosity, which enabled the spherical shape to be confirmed. Minutes later, the pilots noticed their glow diminished, and only their outline was illuminated. "The weren't satellites, as they do not fly in formation or that low, since these objects were at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters, approximately), nor do satellites diminish their glow," says Sanchez.

Among other reports we find the one by the crew of a commercial airline - a domestic carrier - that was pursued by a powerful light in 1979 as it returned from Paraguay. The light was even photographed by passengers. This case is also unexplained.

The Air Force also has visual reports of a dozen mutilated animals whose carcasses betrayed incisions made with surgical precision. These reports go back to 2002. No coherent explanation was ever found, but research by the military commission suggests the hypothesis that it was a possible biochemical attach that probably occurred in Argentina, where 700 mutilated animals were found. "It could have been the result of winds blowing from the West," said the officer. FAU does not dismiss the possibility of an extraterrestrial event. This is another unsolved case.

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