Thursday, June 11, 2009

France - Ufos & Geipan

I have done a bit more research on the french ufo disclosure story.
I can't really say anymore:

If a Ufo announcement is to be made i suggest you guys keep an eye on GEIPAN - the official French government Ufo organisation.

As you may or may not know France is the only country with officially paid UFO investigators, employed by CNESs (the French version of NASA)

They have the largest database of Ufo reports and it reveals that the French government is serious about the issue.

So if further chatter happens please check-out their site:

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ZeNaLieN said...


i am very interested in this sory, and I was wondering why you can't say more...

- is it because you dont know more ?
- pr you know but cant say .?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I contacted the GEIPAN about it and they said they are not aware of any french alien disclosure. (yes alien, because France do not hide UFOs, so there are no UFOs to disclose)

They also said that if it was real it would be visible here :

It's sounds a little bit strange to me but that's what they said. I guess nothing will happen friday.

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