Sunday, June 07, 2009

French call for world wide Ufo disclosure

The French are right out the on the Ufo disclosure front. This French organisation is pushing for worldwide governments to take up Ufo disclosure:

The first of a series proposing to induce a rational reaction on behalf of the French government and indirectly on behalf of all the governments of the World regarding the demonstrations of unknown machines currently moving or hovering in our environment, for more than sixty years. That operation proposes to question directly the President of the French Republic, in a significant manner, in order to get satisfactory answers to several essential questions. The operation begins on June 2 until July 14, 2009 (Symbolic date of the Storming of the Bastille in the French History).

There are enough opportunities to refer to the duty of the French Nation regarding the United Nation decision N° 33/426 of the 1978-79 session, regarding the investigation of the UFOs, whose N°2 point implies a reporting to the Secretary-general of UN concerning, the interpretation of the results of research which was undertaken regarding the extraterrestrial life and the UFOs. That decision N° 33/426 suggest to France to have a clear position by setting up a group of investigation complementary to the existing GEIPAN. It might be independent and have for task to carry out the interpretation of the collected data and to validate in an open and final way the extraterrestrial origin of some sightings.

The right to the truth is a basic right confirmed in the Report of the Council to the Human Rights at the United Nations in 2007 at Geneva. It's a collective right impacting the Society and for which the States must guarantee to their people its full and effective enjoyment. The questions rising from the UN decision and the Council to the Human Rights refer to the multiple declassifications and openings which already took place regarding the UFOs cases and which underline the implications of the institutions of Information and National Defense of many Nations, since decades. Those interrogations claim on behalf of the French Government, a legitimate answer to the Society on the scientific, political and military level...

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