Monday, June 08, 2009

Upload your videos & photos to RealUfos ..

Hi People,

While i am waiting on the new site design i have had many requests for a feature to upload video and Ufo pictures directly to the site. I am experimenting with a temporary solution at the moment called Ning. After you sign up you can upload your Ufo pictures and videos to to be shared directly with all realUfos members on our ning link. Its a social media site as well and allows for realUfos members to interact directly.

I am working on our ning site over the coming week so tell me what you think?

Feeedback appreciated

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Didn't Stephen Basset say Obama was going to disclose in late May??? Isn't he like.. a big guy in ufology?? What happened? Tell me...

PigsBladders said...

Had a good look at the ning site, really good, look forward to using it

Dickos Fortuna said...

It worries me a touch that other people will be able to mess with content on the blog... Will you still be moderating content? Or at least moderating the users who contribute content? That would be sweet... I mean if it worked, I would probably end up posting bits and pieces too, but you might end up with a lot of double ups etc... what you reckon?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Ning. I've been using it on a different site and it's a quite change to RealUfos. I have my doubts but maybe it turns out to be good. :)

Anonymous said...

Still beyond me why people can not use youtube and the realufos forum provided to share clips and info?

Yet they will sit in that chat box thing on the front for ages posting links that people will miss?


FindingUFO said...

Watch on my YouTube channel:, real UFO-sightings from around the world. More UFO videos soon, don't forget to subscribe. Thanks.

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