Monday, June 08, 2009

UFO in Switzerland

At first i was sure this was just people carrying torches on the mountains in the distance. Remember your not looking at the sky here - its mountains in the background. Upon looking closer at the footage i am not sure. Whats your opinions on this footage people?
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Anonymous said...

If they are torches they are huge!

Anonymous said...

parkinson ufo videos sucks.

nick dk said...

I would say reflections in the window.
Any one seeing this would open the window too get a better shot or go outside.

This it bullshit

Michal Sobczyk said...

If it's an alien spaceship, what might be the purpose of it staying there for that long? Possible explanations:
-the pilots had a lunch break
-they chose this place randomly as a temporary park place
-they were just abducting someone, too busy to pilot the spaceship
-they had to stop flying due to some unknown beaurocratic procedures or religious rules
-they wanted to attract our attention
-they stopped there to observe people down on Earth through some kind of high tech binoculars

The interesting question is: what was that UFO?

But even more interesting question is: why did it stop flying?

M C Walton said...

Did JJ Abrams film this?

DiabLo said...

kindly look at the other parts of the video, part 1 has the worse quality of them all. This video was shot over 2 days, the second day a tripod was used, therefor the picture is much better and can allow some level of analysis.
For real in depth analysis, I recommend downloading the full video, it is in high quality (more than 3 GB).

Anonymous said...

What would ppl do with torches in the middle of the day...?

nick dk said...

"What would ppl do with torches in the middle of the day...?"

Make UFO videos ofcause!!

Anonymous said...

I don´t understand why the quality of many UFO videos are so bad!

I mean, look at all NASAs videos. Come on... those cameras should be very high in resolution. Anyway they look like crap. I believe NASA keeps those secret. Especially satellite pics as Landsat and other mega high reso pics. Anyway..

Why cant people stand the camera on something solid when they zoom?!
Many times they have alot of time to record. I don´t understand.

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