Sunday, June 07, 2009

UFO seen over Kariong , Gosford NSW Australia June 7th 2009

Very interesting new Ufo Sighting from here down under filmed today..
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I captured this UFO on film tonight. The footage is fantastic. I always have my camera handy as i do see a lot of strange objects int he sky where i live. This footage is very exciting. This object made no sound what so ever. I changed shap

I used to live very close to this place!. If you live in the surrounding central coast area and also saw a Ufo like this please respond to this post. We would love to know more..
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Jay Michael said...


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You are not alone!

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How do you organize a Skywatch? Actually it's very easy. For the most part you just need to pick a location and be there when you say you will. Most skywatch groups consist of a few people who meet on a given night, bring a lawn chair and just enjoy the fellowship.

They bring their cameras and camcorders and watch for UFOS. You can have a Skywatch at your home or pick a local public place, like a lake, hill or any land no one will care if you gather and watch.

Back in the early 1990's there was a group that met on the bay front in Gulf Breeze, FL. Mostly they just sat together and watched the skies, talked, had fun and some even tailgated. Several UFO sightings and videos came from that group.

Skywatching can be fun and a great way to research UFOs. If you see something you have witnesses your group is there to confirm it and you have others around that share your interests.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, Well I saw your video and I live in East Gosford. I did not see anything but was woken up around 1am around that time with all the dogs in the street just barking like crazy. Normally I am a sound sleeper but this night the cat jumped off the bed ran downstairs and all the dogs just barked together at nothing or so i thought. Then as if someone had muted the sound the dogs and animals all stopped barking at once. I crawled back under the covers and the cat growled and then I heard what would have been a helicopter flying low. The dogs all barked again and it was all quiet once again. I live near the flight line from the helipad to the hospital at gosford and I hear freqent helicopter sounds but the dogs and or animals never bark. This one night they just all barked at once and then as I mentioned they just all stopped and it was eary quiet. Not sure what It was checked all the newspapers until I just noticed your blog a few months later. Definately whatever made the animals bark was something very unordinary indeed. Regards C

Anonymous said...

Just witnessed a bright orange ball that faded and got really bright over somersby facing towards Newcastle it moved slowly through the sky no noise at all it go really bright then headed towards the moon but couldn't see it because of tress never seen anything like it wasn't a plane or hellicopter!! Defiantly UFO had to be watchig for atleast 5 minutes

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see another orange ball travelling north over kariong the night of 20th December 2012?

Anonymous said...

yes my husband and brother in law saw an orange ball in the sky around the 20th but we're in Umina

Anonymous said...

Saw two flames near my windscreen at kariong12 mths ago they appeared out of know here and vanished.

Grant Hosking said...

I was in my boat at Paddys channel on new years night 94/95 and seen the watersucker pass overhead at about 100 feet in the air 3 times.
At the time I was working in a local tackle store and heard other reports from people fishing that night that also seen the same giant disco ball, I hope to seen it again, maybe next time the pilot will stop for a chat! ; )

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