Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Told you - now the Mayan Bird Crop circle 14th june Barbury Castle

Following the Rising Phoenix bird i told you guys to look out for more of these 2012 crop circles and guess what ... now we have another new one the Mayan Bird. Its so predictable that its sad. Its obviously a hoax i feel and its pushing some 2012 theme and for some promotional means... There will be more of these and no I am no longer posting on them even though they look great they are degrading the genuine thing. read more about this one here if you want.

Phoenix Crop Circle May Predict End Of The World
mayan bird drawing..
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Anonymous said...

there is no reason why these would be fake.. you simply cannot fake something as intricate as this.. some things were meant to be as in your face as these so called predictable crop circles.. its the truth.

Anonymous said...

Just because something is predictable, it doesn't mean it's a fake. Does truth always have to be unpredictable? Please keep posting the crop circle pictures. There will be many more...

Woozles said...

I've visited both these cc's and studied it on the ground. IMO, the Phoenix is not a man-made CC. The multiple swirling layers, expanded nodes and intricacy of design and execution suggest a non-mechanical method of construction. The Mayan bird is dubious though, shows signs of mechanical crushing and is a very rough lay.
It pains me that someone who runs a website dedicated to investigating the paranormal should be so quick to jump to unsubstantiated conclusions based on no evidence. Sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Theres So many intricate crop formations every year the one i find intresting is the rising phoenix from the ashes seems like destruction is upon us the rising phoniex represents a rebirth for humanity theres no doubt but in order for humanity to evolve to the next step in evolution the old world must die that sugests people after all the myans believe humanity evolves on a spiritual level so it makes sence humans have to die to reach spiritual state.

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