Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fighter pilot Ufo video makes Sun news in the UK

This footage has been around for ages. But due to the recent surge in public interest on the Ufo topic it was only the other day that the Sun the the Uk did an article on it:

The startling film has been leaked on the internet and UFO watchers reckon it could be proof of a government cover-up.The mystery craft looks far from threatening as it flanks the supersonic F18 fighter above the skies of the US.

The jet was on an exercise when it spied the twisting triangle travelling at a remarkable speed.But rather than shooting it down the air force pilot began gracefully banking and twisting in unison with the strange ship.

Some claim the shots really do show a visit from ET, while others insist it's a new hi-tech military gizmo, like the kind thought to be tested at America's top-secret base Area 51.One insider said: "The configuration of craft is something I haven't seen. It's using combustible fuel, so I bet it is a prototype."
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Anonymous said...

That's definitely not an alien space craft. I thought the video was just showing two planes for a while and was wondering when the UFO would appear. No extra-terrestrial craft is going to use combustible engines.

Anonymous said...

I saw this film before treatment.
Is not a triangle, is a Boeing X-45 in this first fligths escorted by an F/A-18. but the photo treatment made disapear the dark-blue wings (the body was white) presents in the original footageanotope

13AJJONES said...


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