Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Remember the vatican says believing in Ufos & Et's is Ok !

There is much debate among the christian community about Ufos.
Many Christians feel threatened by the existence of Ets . You've probably seen many negative comments from devout Christians ridiculing Ufos as evil and the end of the world .
However if you remember back in late 2007 the Vatican came forward and said 'sure its ok to believe in aliens cause they are god creatures to'.

So one would have to consider the motivations as to why the Vatican (which is often seen as rigid and out of date institution ) come forward like this and made such statements?... i mean why did they make such a progressive stand on such a controversial topic..... they didn't have to .. well if you have been following this blog over the years its likely you've probably come to learn the church knows more than what they can say about Ufos and Et's at the moment:

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snoops said...

it could simply be that they're trying to align to the current mentality and seem more open-minded, therefore attract or win back more adepts. why does everything have to be so mysterious and movie-like? it could just be marketing :)

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you, Catholics do not find the idea of alien life threatening in the least. Most of us, as a matter of reason and logic, are perfectly fine with and open to the idea - we are well acquainted with the type of fundamentalist scepticism that impedes open, honest and reasonable analysis. But we don't mistake Ufology for religion as do the fringe elements of the UFO movement. The Vatican's statement is necessary only for those who do not understand Catholicism and who subscribe to tired religious stereotypes. I'm afraid you will be disappointed if you think the Vatican is privy to some secret knowledge about aliens and UFOs - if you think that, you probably also believe Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' is factual.

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