Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Why not all crop circles are fake

This great little documentary shows the contrary that not all crop circles are fake...The first circles date back over 700 years and there is much evidence pointing to environmental disturbances around the circles:

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John said...

These are not 'unexplained' designs. They have been repeatedly explained over and over again. Each year the *human* crop circle artists get better and better at their craft, which is evidenced by their ever more complex designs.

It's not really all that complicated.


2012Chick said...

No John, you are in error. There are fake crop circles and there are real ones. You really should turn off the TV, the programming isn't helping you figure out reality very well.

The actual patterns that go down in the grains change the very soil molecules only within the pattern. The stems of the crop are not crushed and broken but gently bent and woven to show a surface design. Below which is a hidden pattern. The very nodes of the stems are changed and bent. Man made crop circles destroy the crop and real ones leave the grain perfectly harvestable.

I don't believe they are done by UFO's. There is something far more mysterious going on here.

Anonymous said...

wiki -crop circles
It has been claimed that evidence suggesting these formations are caused by some force other than humans is found in hundreds of photographs of bent or warped growth nodes. Biophysicist W. C. Levengood's Crop Circle Reports are an example of claimed evidence and research gathered that attempts to show that these types of crop circles with these type of node-warping are clearly not man-made, and that they are not simply snapped and broken from impact or crushing, but by some intense focus of energy such as microwaves or spinning plasma vortex as concluded by Levengood.[3] This evidence has been discredited by several sources.

Flix said...

I'm sure many crop circles are hoaxed by irresponsible nitwits who seem to gain great joy from confusing researchers of such a very important issue.
On the other hand there are the inexplainable crop circles which might be a lot easier to detect and research if the nitwits would find another means of easing their boredom.
It's a sad example of how some of us with obvious talent haven't the intelligence to focus this talent into a more productive and caring activity.
Because of these hoaxers the only way to deal with crop circles is one at a time.

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