Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Join CSETI for ET contact on October 24 2009 Rio Rico, Arizona

Added this one into our Global Ufo events Calendar:

CSETI is preparing for a major ET contact event (or conference?) from October 24-26 th 2009 in Rio Rico, Arizona. There are quite a few high level speakers going to the event so it looks quite interesting indeed. Lets hope they make sure they have their cameras rolling there during the night!

Join us as we share the amazing 18-year history of CSETI Contact with videos, photographs, and audiotapes of actual contact during CSETI expeditions around the world!

Each night, we will all gather under the stars to MAKE ET CONTACT together using light, lasers, electronic tones from Crop Circles and other ET manifestations and Cosmic Awareness.

You will learn and experience the CSETI contact protocols that have resulted in unprecedented open contact around the world between CSETI research teams and ET civilizations, and what is next in Worldwide Disclosure.


Steven M. Greer, MD - Director of The Disclosure Project and CSETI (The Center For the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Colin Andrews - World Renowned Crop Circle Researcher.

Theodore Loder, PhD - Expert on Transformational New Energy Technologies.

Lynne D. Kitei, MD - Authority on The Phoenix Lights and other ET contact events in the Arizona area.

read more on the upcoming event here

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Anonymous said...

CSETI... I bet they chose this name to make some think it's the same as SETI...

Yet another bullshit evidence they have no evidence and they just want people to believe the hype.

Such crap sucks and it is because of peoples like Greer that people laught when they hear about ufos...

Anonymous said...

Please not. Not one of those October events like last year!

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