Friday, September 11, 2009

Russia - orb turns into many + triangle ufo videos

3 new ufo videos sent to my by our readers today:
Russia UFO One Orb Turns Into Many

The fast flying triangle

Giant Triangle
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VirtuallyLucid said...

The second and third videos are fighter jets. The second is a well known experimental fighter that was originally reported over Belgium where it was first tested. The second video is very obviously a group of fighter jets flying in formation. I saw these all the time at Nellis when I lived near it in Vegas. You can even hear the jets in the first part of the video as they move past, including the doppler effect as they continue into the distance.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the TR3B to me.

Anonymous said...

yes the seond vid is the TR3-B no doubt about it. but what is it doing flying over cardiff? unless on a spying mission over whales? this is not within its operational flight or testing zone.

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