Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why Triangle Ufos ?

Triangle Ufos - or formations that show 3 bright orbs in formation are very common. Triangle Ufos often have 3 distinct bright red lights on each corner...
My question is why is this formation so common and are the objects solid or not?
A few examples
Belgium 1990


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Anonymous said...

video 1 is from the Belgium 1989-1990 ufo flap. this was not ET it was a man made craft the TR3-B it was tested over northan europe,u.k,and off the western united states. it flew out of a remote usaf base in scotland and was sighted a few times in scotland,over the north sea,and also flew out of the remote groom lake base out over the west coast of the united states it was sighted once, also contrails off this craft were seen and sonic booms heard. it was tested over belgium to see public reaction and to test its stealth capabillity. belgium was a place considered not in the loop at the time. what you have to ask yourself is were did this techno come from? that info i am not privvy too.

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