Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Hudson Valley UFO's keep coming - a special RealUfos investigation

From 1982 and on, thousands of people have reported seeing UFOs in the Hudson Valley, a magnificent area just 40 miles north from Manhattan, New York. While "UFO-skeptics" claim that UFOs are seen only by lone people in retired areas and never above cities, these sightings occurred in a very populated area, and hundreds of multiple independent witnesses came forward and described what cannot be anything commonplace.

Contrary to what most people think the sightings still happen today with the last major one seen last October in 2008. The object often looks like a large boomerang with lights on perimeters of the craft. The ufo activity is most likely related to the large mountain ranges behind new York and the nuclear reactors in the area.

Recently the Ufos have been seen to mimic commercial navigational lights (an emerging trend) even though the wingspans and craft dimensions are tremendous when compared to normal passenger aircraft.

RealUfos would like to know if you live in hudson and if you witnessed these sightings and any recent ones in the area. Please respond to this post to update us on what you may know.

Photos from 1982 up to 2008

The large spotlights:

Recent UFO Sighting 10/30/2008 Hudson Valley New York

What happened back in the 80's over hudson:

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Drew said...

I live in the Hudson Valley and I have had some close encounters.

Drew said...

I live in the Hudson Valley. I'm 23 now I was probably around 10 or 11 when I saw the UFO. I was playing Roller Hockey with my brother in my town around dusk when we noticed a huge flying saucer very similar to the large craft in the second video. It seemed to be going at a slow, steady pace and it made no sound. We freaked out so we drove home, following it. We live 10 minutes from town, so when we got home, this huge UFO ended up flying directly over my house and hovered there for at least 2 minutes. It is something I will definitely never forget, the lights and how big it was. It looked exactly like that UFO in the video.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, so Drew was 10 or 11 and saw a UFO, then drove home? Driving at 10yrs old? I'm not one to go and point out the holes in peoples stories but that just stood out right there and didn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

He never said how old his brother was. I assume the brother was driving.

Anonymous said...

Drew, would you contact me at [email protected] I'd love to interview you about your UFO sighting. I work for a magazine. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My mother saw it back in the early 80s. She got right beneath the thing. It hovered less than 100 ft above her and several other local residents who had pulled over the side of the road to witness it. She said it made no noise, but emitted a vibration that you felt more than heard. It flew off into the night. The next day she reported to work at Westchester County Airport. She said there was a major malaise over the entire office. Because she was late, she apparently missed a visitation from the United States Military. They made an appearance at the airport in order to threaten them all into not talking about what showed up on the radar the night before.

Anonymous said...

I live right off the taconic parkway, Im currently 19yrs and I have seen two ufo encounters from my house, the first time I saw one was when I was 15, I was across the street talking to my friend joe and he mentioned seeing something in the sky. We looked up in the sky during the day and saw this cylinder shaped object rotate across the sky, it had a red glow to it and made no noise. It was only about 100ft in the air and we watched it move across the sky for about 20 mins. It had no wings and had the same shape as a red bull can. When i was 18 in 2010 I went out to my car in my driveway and saw a bunch of bright lights in the sky. I looked at it more and it seemed to be a bunch of bright white lights moving in a flying V formation. I went inside and grabbed my camera but the camera was not picking up on the lights. At first I though it was one object but then I was able to realize that they were all individual crafts because the shape of the V they were making was out of shape. They took about 20 mins to fly over the horizon, they were about 150-200ft in the air and made no noise.

Chelsea. said...

I saw one last night but it had to have been pretty far because I was using binoculars and it was a perfect triangle with green blue and red rapidly flashing lights, definitley not a plane it was hovering and then smoothly swooping from one side to the other, lowering ascending and then descending rapidly. Freaky stuff

A.G.P. said...

The First video, looks very interesting. I can't explain it. Love to see some more of that one.

The next video that works (the only other one that works), the third one down, is not a "manta ray" shaped craft, it is commercial or corporate aircraft. I'm a commercial pilot and this is the same light configuration as many corporate aircraft. The "search lights" pointing down are used for taxiing on the ground at night so you can see where the wing tips are in relation to other things on the ground. They are not normally used in flight. At night with a lot of small airplanes around, especially in the NY area, I turn on every light so that my plane can be seen. Planes stand out when looking from the ground but looking from the air, for another plane, with city lights behind, even big aircraft can be hard to spot. In the second clip of that video, the cameraman says the lights are moving around, well... When a car passes you are you still looking at the front of it? No. Most all of the lights on airplanes are on the edges so as to be seen from all angles, as the plane goes buy the "shape" the lights are in, changes. The sounds... well thats because they are aircraft!! Newark, Laguardia and Teterboro airports all have arrivals that come right down the hudson valley as well as other directions. No disrespect intended. I'm looking for the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Drew- I am also in my early 20's and I saw it when I was about the same age! I never made the connection until a friend showed me this post. I was at a friends house (we both live in the Hudson Valley) and we were looking out the main window sitting in this big chair together; it was probably around 7:30 pm. We saw a ufo then and I remember watching it and trying to figure out what it was. We were scared, and we ended up hiding with her mom upstairs but I remember the shape even now.