Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Ufos over China - is this the Chinese Ufo flap of 09 ?

China is currently experiencing a mass of Ufo sightings this year with some pointing to a Ufo flap over the area:

On top of the highly popular solar eclipse ufo video in China and the recent one in Shandong many more new ufo reports keep coming in from china - so is this a sign of a ufo flap (ie mass of continued ufo reports) in the region?

RealUfos would like to know if you live in china and have seen recent ufos please respond to this post and tell us what you have seen.


Here's links to more Ufo reports in china this month:

1 - UFO Jing Xian, Jinan, the night sky?

2 - Changbai Mountain UFO over Jingxian suspected UFO?

Shandong -Looks like a plane - but is it? .. many ufos are using a technique now to took like planes with false navigational lights when they are infact not planes at all... is this one of those?
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