Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Woman catches Fairy on Camera ?

I wouldn't have normaly posted this but a friend showed me similar pictures a while back and they are not so easily dismissed:

Mrs Bacon, 55, said she was not even looking through the camera at the time she took the picture. Instead she simply clicked the button while holding it at arm's length out of the back door while chatting with relatives in her kitchen after dinner.
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Anonymous said...

First, why anyone would take a picture of his/her backyard? (unless that picture have been edited somehow, there ppl who have been "cutted" away or something...)
Second, many insects got legs,wings or other body parts wich may look like hands or feets from right angle. It may be a fairy but i got my doubts...

Anonymous said...

that is a insect because fairys wear boots ozzy says so.

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