Tuesday, February 02, 2010

People witness Ufos over Perm Russia Jan 9 2010

Video - Ufos are animation only to explain story

Residents of the city of Perm, in Russias Ural region, say that they could see a strange object in the sky. The object, eyewitnesses said, was hanging in the air above the city, scanned the area with a beam of light and even let off several passengers. The people did not specify what kind of passengers they were exactly and how they disembarked from what seemed to be a spaceship
A woman saw a strange object in the window at about 2-4 oclock a.m. She woke up her daughter and asked her to take a look at the strange sight. The two women could see a disk-like object sending three glittering beams of light on the ground.
Many city residents discussed the strange object on local forums.
Nikolai Subbotin, the director of RUFOS research station said the specialists of the station were investigating the information about the appearance of a UFO above Perm on January 9
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Anonymous said...

So no one saw where the aliens went after they got off the craft. No videos no pictures. A minimum of information.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that no one goes up in a privately owned propeller driven airplane , a privately owned jet or a privately owned heilocopter to get videos that will be proof , one way or the other ? Before coming back with a fast answer , you can think it through.

l2 said...

I don't blame UFO-skeptics, because the vast majority of footage or videos that claim UFO's are just plain garbage.

like this one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was an EasyJet UFO and that was the closest they can get them to the moon.

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