Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Diamond ufo again

Someone has requested i post the diamond ufo again, well here it is:
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Anonymous said...

Television Production Seeks Your
UFO, Ghost & Paranormal Videos

(SAN DIEGO, CA – July 11, 2007) Television and film production company, Redbird52 Entertainment, is launching a new television series that will present real life home video and cell phone video evidence from around the world to explore the existence of a wide variety of UFO and paranormal events.

“Over the years, there have been thousands of sightings of UFOs and paranormal events by credible witnesses. Pilots, engineers, scientists,” explains Richard Hays, a producer of television and film and the show’s executive producer. “But often it’s just their word against a universe of skeptics.”

“Now, with so many of us armed with home video and cell phone video cameras,” adds Hays, “there’s a greater opportunity than ever to document the many, many sightings of unidentified flying objects, monsters, ghost visitations and other paranormal occurrences.”

“We’re receiving some very interesting pieces,” explains Hays. “We hope to compile a compelling series that examines the reality of some of these phenomena that have occurred in all corners of the globe.”

If you have a home video or cell phone video recording that you think might be of interest to the documentary production, you can reach the producers by email at [email protected] to receive a submission form and more details about the production.


CONTACT: Richard Hays Email: [email protected]

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