Friday, July 13, 2007

How you were swindled from the truth - the great global warming swindle lies debunked for good

I hate to say i told you so - but the latest interview (below) with producer of the great global warming swindle (aired yesterday in Australia) Martin Durkin shows how this man not only based his movie on poor science but how he purposely decieved us by manipulating graphs and data and removing any pivotol information that conflicted with the movies theories. Even worse one of the scientists who made comments was known to be comprimised in his views as he received research funding from Exxon!. The movie was obviously made for shock value just for marketing hype and designed to take advantage of open minded people like you and me. This is truly a shameful day for investigative reporting.
(also watch how Martin Durkin squirms when he is asked why he left the last 15 years of temperature data out of the global warming history graph!:)

Part 2
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Anonymous said...

what a bore
you lost it
i want a ufo site and not a site for everything
next week u come up with footballresults

Anonymous said...

"We are property." Charles Fort.

Anonymous said...

The Best UFO videos?????
What's with all the al gore crap?

realufos said...

If you watch the video you will see the 'crap' is coming from the alternate theories about global warming - but some of you only choose to hear what you want. So instead of comments critisizing my blog , eat your own words, post something valid like some hard research against what al gore is saying and i may be interested, if you can't find anything then atleast don't bag the crap out of my blog for no reason!

Anonymous said...

To me AGW is a political debate.
That may also be why some folks are a bit annoyed.

Based on your statements, producing facts would not change your mind so I'll ask you these questions instead.

Have you actually seen an example of genuine GW damage with your own eyes or are you relying on reports from others?

Have you noticed that the earth's weather has been much warmer in the past as well as much colder?

Do you remember that not long ago we were supposed to all die from global cooling?

Have you noticed that we are all still here and that the sea levels have yet to rise?

Have you noticed that animals have been coping with climate changes for a BILLION years and have evolved and survived.

Do you think people should interfere with these natural processes and stabilise natural evolution as they are trying to do now? To become stasists. To build an eternal zoo that never changes and lasts forever because, naturally, stasism opposes change.

Have you noticed that NONE of the wild predictions of the AGW loonies have come to pass?

What do you see with your own eyes?

Even without solar warming, the contribution to GW by human activity is only minor to the overall natural component. We should take measured steps to reign in excess CO2 output whilst remembering that CO2 is NOT a pollutant but is required for plant life. All in moderation.

The IPCC panel was a politically charged committee that had to reach a political decision before it could release it's official findings.

I agree that earth may be going through a warming cycle, I just don't see the need to start a panic to try to stop it.

Folks are probably a bit annoyed that you are pushing your faith in Al Gore and AGW, along with the UFO stuff. I stopped going to Rense for similar reasons.

A mishmash of a response, sorry. My longest post in years. I don't intend to post on this site again.

BTW, Your blog on UFO's has been great.

Anonymous said...

So wheres the comments from the rest of the experts? Its nice to have a panel of 10 and show us one single comment on the matter.

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