Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ufo sighting in Deline 2nd November 2007

FORT FRANKLIN - An unidentified flying object was seen hovering over Deline the morning of Nov. 2. (video below)
Simon Neyelle was on his way home at 5 a.m. when he first saw a bright light hovering near a ridge just outside of the community. "It was just sitting there, it didn't move," said Neyelle. He observed the object hovering over the ridge for an hour, and called other people in the community to see the object. Martina Taniton and Dave Taniton also saw the object and Dave took nearly an hour of footage. Martina described the object as a triangle shape with a big light in the middle of it that looked like a bright star. The object was close to the Taniton's residence, and Martina said it was slowly moving backwards. Pheobe Esau also saw the object and her husband took a short video. Esau said she could see some sort of laser coming out of the bottom of the object going into a lake below. The Taniton video was later shown at the Ehtseo Ayha school source

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Anonymous said...

I know them as probes .... I have personally seen two so far.... only was able to see during daylight..

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Burton Keevik:
I am so on ure side with that UFO because I was out late and stayed out late as I was walking home around 10:00 to almost 10:30 and I was LOOKING up words and saw this Light was very bright and shaped round and was moving about 20 Miles per hour, I was thiking how fucken freaky what if it Just landed and than the next day there was a UFO spoted in deline Thats so freaky...

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