Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Web Bot predictions for 2008 and ufos

Maybe some of you have heard of The Web Bot Project, but for those of you who have not, it's quite intriguing. The web bot project is kind of the only scientific method we have of predicting the future and has had some suprisingly accurate past predictions (earthquake in August 2004, water-rising which leads to the Tsunami in December 2004, Anthrax attack in Washington DC in 2001, Massive east-cost power outage in 2003 and Hurricane Kathrina in 2005). Originally designed to predict stock market trends, the web bot technology uses a system of spiders to crawl the Internet and search for keywords, much like a search engine does and the information is then complied and analysed - this video explains it a bit more (fast forward video to 3.38):
A summary of the 2008 predictions: (I highly recommend you read the full version here, especially if you have investing concerns )
• Catastrophic collapse of the dollar is possible – as the language is active around that concept.
• Some kind of winter/spring natural disaster which caused people to become angry aboutgovernment response
• Possibly early elections, or at least calls for that because of anger.
• Global economic collapse possible in Fall 2008 cascading of the US woes January
Bot pick ups regarding Ufos in 2008:
Just a summary as i haven't read all the data:
• January “secrets Revealed” something comes out that is ‘unauditable’
"Something they're Not Telling Us"
"ufo event" - SOMETHING over major cities leads to government disclosure? Rate this posting:


Sardo said...

In regards to nuclear war and UFOs, It seems to me that if They are here and watching us, as by all indications they are, and they allow us to destroy ourselves without intervening, then they ARE hostile through their INaction. I would take a gun away from a baby if it got ahold of one. I for one am tired of these doomsday shows. I'm sick of being afraid of the future.

LEAX said...

the only thing im afraid of is that there is nothing after life .. i look forward to future and i dont think there will be a doomsday, well maybe for the oil companies :D

Anonymous said...

If they are an advanced civilization they probably have a moral structure that prevents them from interfering with the natural course of our evolution. Probably a prime directive. But I'm pretty sure there probably is a beligerent species somewhere. Something will happen in 2012, that being that all the planets in the milky way will align and the earth completes one full wobble on its axis. What this will lead too is something that they will probably not ever tell us because there would probably mass histeria on this planet if people knew there was a doomsday arriving.

Sardo said...

"If they are an advanced civilization they probably have a moral structure that prevents them from interfering with the natural course of our evolution. Probably a prime directive."

Good point! But I would counter that they HAVE interfered already simply by allowing themselves to be seen so often. Aliens and "flying saucers" permeate our culture at all levels.
This board itself is an example.

Sam said...

leax --- there is much after this life...much good... and much evil.. the choice to which you go is yours... the only way to heaven is through the father, Jesus Christ - it is as simple as asking him into your heart. But something this simple is so complicated to grasp. This is a gift freely.

the return of these "aliens" was prophesied long ago.

Genesis 6:4

The nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

Note: these are fallen angels having sex with the woman of earth, producing a giant race that dominated the earth with evil, this is why Noahs flood came, to destroy the evil they had spread throughout the land. so.. if they lived "and also afterward" and the current time period this verse is speaking of is before the blood. It is saying they lived after the flood. The only way this is possible s if their parents came and took them off the earth and to another planet.

THUS: the aliens we know of today are the far ancestors of the children born of evil fallen angels. And so the sightings by credible witness's today are proof of the below verse.

Matthew 24:37

As it was in the days of noah, so will it be at the coming of the son of man.

giant human femur found:

the sumerian civilization is the oldest civilizaton to have ever been recorded, they are before the egyptians. we have found stone engraved tablets dating back 6500 years. on these tablets it shows the sun in the center of the universe and all the correct planets in their relative orbits and sizes, this includes pluto which we did not know about until 1930. it also includes a 12th planet called nibiru said to be where the annunaki live. Annunaki in sumerian translates "from heaven to earth came" just as the nephilim are described. it is said this planet has a 3600 year orbit and when it approachs and is at its closest point it will look like a smaller second sun. and from a distance will appear as a red cross in the sky. no one really knows the exact date of when it is to return, but all of this is scriptural.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED - the enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy. If these aliens come. do not listen to them, they hold no secret knowledge but the power to take your soul by you offering your mind and lives to them.

the only way to God is threw Jesus Christ - ask him into your heart, tell him to help you change your ways, and you WILL see the power of God in your life.

we are crushed, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed.

span said...

In reply to their "parents coming to get them" they did not need this type of travel as they built their own with the tower of Babel which was a "launching pad" much like that we have of today. The giants were still active after the flood (possible earth visitations from the tower children) one of which was Goliath and his four cousins, and there was an entire valley of such people which scientists refer to today as the Neanderthals and the UFO visit is mentioned in Revelation 13 as the prophet (false) draws down fire from heaven and deceives the whole world except for the elect mentioned in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 - the time is definitely at hand as mentioned in Luke - look up your redemption draweth nigh.

Anonymous said...

Does the nuclear war surprise anyone? Of course the web-bot picked up alot of words related to it. Here is how it will probably begin: It will take tactical nukes to penetrate Irans deep fortified nuclear facilities. They probably have some of the missing Russian nukes that they have been using as prototypes so they will respond in kind. The US will respond and so Iran will hit US resources in range, namely the majority of our troops currently located on either side of Iran(Afghanistan and Iraq.)Is it going to happen? I would give it about a 73% yes. As far as the floods,hurricanes,ufos, etc. can you tell me a year since the advent of tv there hasnt been incidents?

jim said...

pure junk

Anonymous said...

Iam sick of it to, all of this is scary I know. I believe that we can chage what is happening, because if you look at it this way men are the cause of natural disaster(global Warming)...and dont give me that shit of "oh!!I dont believe in that crap", because its TRUE. So I believe that if we caused the damage that we made on the world we can heal it again.....gosh!! does death need to happen in order for us to understand that we are doing wrong.Makes me angry and a lot of people to.

bri said...

Leax, there is life after death, but you've got to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour to make it to heaven (only He can cleanse you from your sins, which is required to enter heaven). Please go to for more info.

Pimpin Turtle said...


Kisscool said...

hello, "Your video is no longer available", can you tell me an other link or the key words in order to see it ?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Not to scare all the Bible pushers out there, but the Bible is not what I would call a reliable source. Think about it. A bunch of regular people writing down information about events they could not explain? What did the Greeks say about the moon/stars/planets, the Romans, the Mayans? That Gods pulled the Sun around on some chariot? What do we say about how the planets formed? That one man created everything in the Universe with a snap of his fingers? Why don't people see that we are no different from any of the past civilizations? That we can only guess as to how things are done. Us saying that people who don't believe in God go straight to hell, is no different then the Buddhists believing in bad Karma. Do they go straight to hell because they're not Christian? What about the Muslims,Hindu, Jewish, Shintoist, Jain, Sikh, etc.?? I'm not asking you to stop believing in God. I'm just saying don't base your entire belief system off of one book. It's like only watching one news station your entire life. You gotta read around and gather multiple views on something, and then make your own decisions. Web bot? I don't think its any more accurate than someone studying the economy for years and realizing that we are due a "crash". And its here!! Don't give that credit to a stupid computer program. Open your minds everyone. As Obama would say "CHANGE" < yeah right, if he only knew, IS COMIN'!!!

phoenix said...

Here's one for ya, what if we are ALL wrong?

phoenix said...

Here's one for ya, what if we are ALL wrong?

LIMU said...

Regarding the first comment that an alien race may be hostile if they do not help us avoid killing ourselves, they may not be hostile, but just curious and have no care for us either way, other than to observe. They may have a non-interference ethic.

Anonymous said...

You know what I am sick of? all these religious nut jobs running all willy nilly trying to scare people into unnatural religious beliefs with this "Fear the aliens... they're really demons coming to kill us.. the bible said so" If you look further back in REAL history, you will see the older religions, Sumarian, Hindi (esp) make mention of the old gods. about the same time in Europe as well, the old gods would come and visit us themselves, not through these lame angels wreaking havoc and malcontent. Shove Jeebus up your over zealous arses. If they had intended to do us harm, why would they wait until now instead of when we were even more promative? Or is this the part where people chime in with "because its gods plan". Still makes no sense. Perhaps if you people would read actual history instead of this 500 yrs post jesus book forced on paper by way of Constantine (not a christian either) you might get some real insight into whats going on, and why. There is no devil, or demons, or any of that superstitious BS. Shove off.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Some one capable of critical thinking who thinks for there own.. I have a bullet for all you religious nuts.. Its your dangerous close minded ignorant believes that are a threat. It seems you retards are incapable of thinking for your own. In order to gain any knowledge or understanding your beliefs must be flexible and subject to change. Things are not always what they seem to be. Use logic and tempered reason. Don't summit to blind faith

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