Sunday, April 27, 2008

The ' ET Ticket ' - which presidential candidate is best for UFO Disclosure ?

Ok Guys, although not taken as serious as it should by the media, the 'ET Ticket', or the presidential issue of which candidate will do the best for UFO disclosure is one of increasing importance. Previous debates highlighted this popularity with Dennis Kucinich coming into the spotlight for talking about his personal sightings in late 2007. Many people believe the best bet is with Hillary Clinton because of her close discussions with the late Laurance S. Rockerfeller on UFO disclosure and the influence of Bill Clinton from his attempts to release FOI documents on UFOS via the Clinton library. There is also disclosure support from less likely presidential candidate John McCain.
Fox's look at the Et Ticket: (please ignore their mocking!)

Previous presidents and their views towards disclosure:
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Anonymous said...

Man, newscasters really have to stop that lol. I know they're trying to make light of a serious topic, but there's a thin line between making light and being immature.

Roswell is SO OVERSTATED. PEOPLE, I know of the supposed importance of Roswell, but can we start looking at the bigger picture? Considering how momentous the topic is, people in the ET community unhealthily cling to the same old stories that have NO hope of being backed up with evidence. For a crowd that thinks themselves as open minded, your attention to specific ufo events can be very narrow.

Anonymous said...

In reality, most of you want to know about ET for your own delight, but there is almost NO basis in reality. For all we know, the disclosure of ET could have very dire consequences for our world. But you all sit back in front of your computers, and speak of things like "invasions" like it was a Sunday afternoon TV show.

What if it turned out that.. humans were a genetic project of sorts.. and large populations of us are slowly killed off to narrow a specific strain? Get a grip on reality. Once again, most of you want it disclosed because it's new..

Anonymous said...

And many of you should consider that disclosure may be kept from us because even to the most open minded and optimistic, it's REALLY not very good news.

It could be a very morbid and perverse reality by our definition.

We may need to consider that the "truth" is extremely intimate despite it's far reaching concern.

That being said... the main reason for it not being disclosed could simply be that the entire power structure of rich ruling poor could crumble once the repressed realize there are ET's who view us all as equals.

Anonymous said...

Whether it was aliens during the Roswell incident or not, it seems pretty obvious that something was a coverup. And for the newscasters to make light of it is sad.

Lich said...

lol she must be really desperate to search votes this way

Anonymous said...

wow, the anonymous first comments is really funny, lol.

Oh yes, you great seer, who can peer into the thoughts of many... YOU know what's best for us! yes, keep the secrets secret, after all, ignorance is bliss and peace is war.

If you don't want to know what's really going on, please be my guest and stay ignorant.

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