Sunday, September 14, 2008

The latest Gary McKinnon documentary filmed outside recent protest

Anarchy on the Airwaves investigates the recent protest outside the Home Office against Gary McKinnons failed extradition appeal:
Gary McKinnon documentary for Edge TV
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Anonymous said...

Whoa...this woman is scary!

Anonymous said...

If he had published his findings on the web, it would have helped his case, but sorry, to hack into NASA and military computers for his personal gain,he has brought it all on himself, the American authorities can now blame him for every lost piece of software.
Greatest hacker in the world?
Thick a shit.

Anonymous said...


there's an ABC special on UFOs tonight. Could you please record it for us can you - and put it up on Youtube. You're website was reviewed on UK radio tonight it, was very interesting and that how I found your site.



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