Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please support this new Ufo documentary - Beyond the Blue

Hey guys
This is some news from James Fox producer of Beyond the Blue.
Sadly, with the advent of free video sharing on the internet, funding for new ufo documentaries which once flourished in the 90's is now at an all time low and as a result we have seen a massive decline in the ability to document the ufo phenomenon. Costs producing such movies are huge and with poor sales (thanks to free distribution on the internet) there is little incentive to develop new films due to a lack of investment.

Please support and help out with this cause guys:
(by the way i bought the dvd's and they are really worth it -its a must for any ufo fans's collection)

from James Fox:
"We have been working tirelessly on a new production, Beyond the Blue which is months away from completion. It contains some of the best UFO cases and evidence from around the world. With credible military and
government officials coupled with high level HD production, this film, with proper distribution, will alter the perception of UFOs in the mainstream forever.
In an attempt to generate completion funds for Beyond the Blue, we have produced an additional 150 copies of the 5 Year Anniversary Edition of Out of the Blue, UFOs 50 Years of Denial with out-takes and media coverage as well as the unedited footage from our November 12, 2007 National Press Club event. That's 3 DVDs, which we're offering as one package for the next few weeks for $100.00. 100% of the proceeds will go towards completing Beyond the Blue.*

Come be a part of history as we approach the final stretch.
All the best,*
*James Fox**

Please Click here to buy the DVD set and support Beyond the Blue

Click here to check out photos from the new movie
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l2 said...

Well, maybe if people stopped putting energy in making documentaries and put that energy into demanding disclosure from their congressman, maybe we'd all know the truth by now...

I mean, how many documentaries do we need on the subject, really...

I couldn't care less about new UFO documentaries unless they bring something new/fresh/PROOF (not evidence, but PROOF. A peice of Roswell Wreckage (George Noory), ANYTHING.

Don't get me wrong, I know UFOs exist. But maybe there is a reason why so many people refuse to take it seriously. Yet Another documentary is NOT GOING TO CHANGE THAT, WHICH IS ALL WE NEED AT THIS POINT!

+, the UFO subject is becoming unimportant fast, what with the fascism/socialim creeping up on the western world. 9/11 being a job done by CIA/Mossad/ISI, not the fabled 'Al Quaida' (which is a CIA front anyway).

If we can't out these facts pretty soon, it won't matter one bit off-worlders are visiting our planet.

There... I've said it.

l2 said...


Q: Why hasn't a UFO landed on the White House lawn.

A: 'Aliens' have NO LEGAL STATUS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, they literally have less rights than a lab-animal. With that in mind, what would YOU do if you were the alien?

Anonymous said...

Put up a trailer at least, to be honest i'm not looking forward to this one can't see any decent info emerging.

Anonymous said...

LOSER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone thinks their own goverment is responsible for 9-11 please kill yourselves.
That will do more good for this world then gandi did for india.

l2 said...

The anonymous person before me is hilarious!! :)

Rofl, where are you performing? I want to see your act!

mike said...

I usually read the comics before the really serious stuff in a newspaper. After cruising through the above posted comments -I`ll turn to this site first!

Anonymous said...

hi 12, Have you heard of senator Ron Paul ? If so what do you think of him ?

Anonymous said...

I feel that all the new Ufo/Ghost videos is like watching the same thing over and over again.

It reminds me of Porn (If you have seen 1 movie you have seen them all).

A good documentary should give us definitive proof instead of leaving us with more questions than answers at the end.

If you need money from your work you should sell it to history channel or Discovery :D

The truth should be free for the public.

l2 said...

To Anon:

I have tremendous respect for Ron Paul, in fact, I think he is the best politician on the globe at this moment (so, not just limited to America).

If all politicians were like Ron Paul, we would already be travelling amongst the stars in our zero-point anti-grav (electrogravitic) vehicles!

Ron Paul is diametrically opposed to the New World Order.

But since he was not nominated as presidential candidate, I think we should rally behind Chuck Baldwin!

Anonymous said...

personally I think that a 150 copies of the dvd at $100 per copy is not bad but it does mean
that only $15000 could be raised toward the new documentary and only thoes that can
afford it would be able to view this excellent doco if only He could have created a divx
version and say charged a nominal fee for download, more pepole could have got to see it,
maybe He may have raised more this way ?

Anonymous said...

12, You're a true American !!!

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