Thursday, December 10, 2009

9th December Ufo Pukekohe, New Zealand

Was it a chinese lantern? You decide:
At approx. 21:07p.m. UTC+13 (DST) on December 9th, 2009 the following bright light was visible above Pukekohe, New Zealand for a short period of time.
This film captures 03:25:40 of the time it was visible and was shot on a Canon Powershot S3 IS 6.0 Mega Pixel Camera at 30 frames per second, shown here at 25.
I'm open to the fact that in this huge universe there must be life of some kind somewhere other than here, but I highly doubt this is a UFO. In my opinion it is probably a Satellite or Space Junk. Still it's pretty amazing as there's no sound coming from it.
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Anonymous said...

I would say this was definitely a Chinese lantern.

Dickos Fortuna said...

I live in Wellington, and I've never seen these "chinese" flying lanterns for sale anywhere. If they were for sale they would be in Auckland, where Pukekohe is... And it wouldn't be hard to make one...
Will look at the vid now. Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

its a planet thats rising.. i taped the same thing a couple of years ago and took it to observotory to ask and i forget if it was venus or jupitor but they looked at the ummm planet chart thing a confirmed it was a footage was even closer and i faded off the same. if you have a good look its cicular like a planet and throbs like they do if you look at one through a telescope..facinating all the same ..hope that helps
from fello kiwi.. p.s maybe mars?

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