Friday, December 24, 2010

Ufo spotted above Christchurch New Zealand December 23, 2010 ?

A new ufo report here in from Christchurch New Zealand, only days after New Zealand released new Ufo files:
Ufos A Christchurch family believe they saw a convoy of UFOs travelling above their house -- and say they've got the pictures to prove it.
It comes a day after secret documents of UFO sightings were released by the New Zealand Defence Force. Caught on video is what is thought to be one of 10 UFOs travelling in a convoy above the streets of Christchurch.Jeannine Mander spotted the series of lights moving in the sky above her house last Wednesday, at 10pm.
"Bright, bright orange lights, with a flicker in them," she explains.
She wasn't the only one to see the UFO, with neighbours and family watching on the deck.
"I believe there is something out there. We are here, so there is something out there. We can't be the only living form," says Ms Mander.

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Anonymous said...

It is curious, that Christchurch has been honored with a ufo sighting, such as what has been described, just a day after the release of secret documents of ufo
sightings, were released by the
New Zealand Defence Force; and,
considering the destructive
Eathquake that Christchurch has
experienced, not so long ago!
I just wondered if there was a
"movement" in Christ's Church!? NZ. a (New Zeal) they need it!?.......?

Dr Reason said...

Can we have a filter to block the "Obviously Chinese Lanterns vids" ?

Maybe what this site needs to do is a co-ordinated world-wide timed release of say 5 of these per person and then track the reports of "UFOs" world-wide to illustrate that people often want to jump to conclusions

Anonymous said...

For No2.Comment:

The word, "Obvious"

Is it a word that one chooses to believe in,because they wont to ??
Is it a word that means:
easy to see or understand because not concealed,difficult,or ambiguous!
If there is the "slightest" doubt, then that is what it is, DOUBT!
The people of Christchurch, might have been looking at balloons, but saw them as ufo - Unidentified!
Is that OBVIOUS? or in DOUBT?.....?

Simbright said...

I agree with Dr.Reason - I'm seeing flickering orange lights in the sky every night at the moment - but as a sensible and objective witness, I can tell you that they are chinese lanterns, and yes, it is 'obvious'.
I am as interested as the next man in hearing of valid experiences and maybe even seeing evidence of something not yet understood. However, reportage of every 'sighting', especially chinese lanterns at Christmas (and no doubt new year) only helps to discredit not only this website but the whole argument for the reality of the UFO phenomena.

Dr Reason said...

It would be high illogical to conclude that lights in the sky that appear to be candles, near an area of human habitation at a time of celebration are unidentified when there is a 99% chance they are lanterns.

It was also a lunary eclipse/Solstice night - even more likely to have people out setting of lanterns, lighting bonfires, having a party outside etc especially in warm summer nights of NZ.

Especially when someone living in Christchurch blogs about letting of some Chinese Lanterns at that exact time and date which would make this more likely 99.999999% correct. That is Obvious.

There's a very big difference between putting everything you see you cannot explain into the irrational UFO bucket than perhaps the less than 1 percent observed phenomenon that is much more difficult to explain.

Science requires theory to be challenged. The same logic has to apply to UFO sightings.

Its great that people report these - thats what this site is good for. However each one demands to be challenged, not merely accepted as faith. Faith and hope are not strategies for scientific proof.

By way of comparison, how do you apply your reasoning to your own existence ? Do you doubt you exist in the absence of 100% proof? Does your doubt mean that at any moment you could disappear in a puff of logic ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Talking of ufo sightings in Christchurch, & Earthquakes there,
well...they've just been hit again
by what they call an aftershock.
this morning about 9.30am.
I heard that it was 4.9 on the Richter-Scale! Sustaining more damage to the city of Christchurch
Peoples homes,are being inspected
for damage,some may not be able to return!.....Makes ya think!

Dr Reason said...

Earthquakes are pretty well explained - not just as theory, but as scientific fact related to Tectonic activity and their movement/expansion/contraction etc and thousands of fault lines that span the earths crust many close to the surface.

To link them to UFO's is tenuous at best.

If this was the case we would being seeing literally **thousands** of UFO's every day in highly populated areas. A simple scan of earthquake data would show that.

I live in California. We have tremors every hour ! Not that you can feel them but its practically constant in the 1-3 magnitude range. Christchurch is no different. Its only when we feel them or they damage something they make news.

Take a look at the activity map:

With all this activity, where are all the "Quakefo's" or "QFOs" ?

With all the exciting disclosure and transparency on the cusp of visibility and analysis, lets not throw collective ourselves under the bus by making us an easy target to discredit. Making stuff up and joining one random statistic to another or to an observation will do exactly that.

Bottom line: In our "thinking", we need to be harshly critical in order to let the truth make itself known by doubtless proof: this can mean both the "for" and "against" cases.

Happy new year: may 2011 be the year of Truth!

Anonymous said...

It was not the intention to link ufo with Earthquakes in Christchurch or else where, but just what Christchurch, has experienced in such a short time,
but you know! talking of ufo & Earthquakes, it has been witnessed
on some occasions,lights or balls of light,seen just before an Earthquake.
The suggestion in a documentary,
was that the buildup of energy,just
before the Earthquake was the probable cause of the light or balls of light seen by witnesses,
and in some cases,thought of as ufo
so perhaps in that light, its not that tenuous!?...Oh! and happy new year!nz.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time the goverment start a serious investigation into the relation between UFO sightings and earthquakes. These UFO's could be very well, trying to warn us, BUT DO WE LISTEN...?

Anonymous said...

this poor ignorant woman.evidently she just woke up!ufo ARE (unidentified objects!)no 1. no.2 there have been sightings sround the globe for thousands of years!no.3.there are over 200 military personel,police men,astronauts,pilots,etc.that can and will testify what they have seen!(upon disclosure).so for all of you (naive)people out there.,just give up!
p.s. i don't think i have ever seen a round bright orangs airplane,or moon,or.....oh it is no use.!i guess they will learn the hard way

Peter.T said...

I have lived in christchurch on and off for 40 years and over that time have seen unusual aerial phenomena on 3 different occasion's,first at the age of 8.The most spectacular was a shooting star like object that broke through the cloud's and must of landed or crashed somewhere close by.It was so bright & with a red tinge to it,i was really shook up when i saw that one.Apparently N.Z. is well known as ufo territory,and i can believe it!

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