Sunday, December 26, 2010

Did anyone else see the Ufo over Victoria Australia?

A new report in from the state of Victoria in Australia.
If you live in the region and spotted something unusual please respond to this post.

Note: the next Month is Chinese Lantern season many people will be lighting the lanterns celebrating new year and into Chinese new year in mid January and many people confuse these with Ufos.

VICTORIAN residents reported seeing strange lights in the sky last night.
 A man in East Keilor reported seeing orange lights that formed a diamond and moved in a synchronised pattern to the west of Melbourne Airport at about 10.15pm.
 A woman in Warburton had a similar experience 45 minutes later.
 David Bekesi, 52, said he had just stepped out for a cigarette when he saw the series of orange lights.
 Mr Bekesi has seen all kinds of aircraft fly over his house heading to nearby Melbourne Airport, but said this was like nothing he had ever seen before.
 He said the lights stayed in the sky for number of minutes before moving higher up and disappearing.
 “They all grouped in one area and then went straight up into the sky,” he said.

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Dolores said...

i am living in southern ireland and have seen strange orange lights in the sky. First it was a pair of lights that came from the east and moved towards NW just under the plough. These were quickly followed by another pair of lights and then by one single light. They all followed the same direction. at first i thought it was the ISS and then we were worried that it might be missiles. This has all happened in the past 45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hi I live in Melton West in Victoria. My husband and I were in our backyard at around 10pm on 30th December 2010. I looked up and saw three red lights with a dark centre in the middle of them, they appeared to be joined together. There was cloud passing over and within a few seconds the clouds covered the lights and they were gone. As a sound individual, it was not any form of aircraft that I have ever seen before.

Anonymous said...

Hi on or around Christmas eve at about wife & I were walking west along Craigie road Mount Martha when I looked up & saw 3 very high flying objects in a very close formation moving at incredibly high speed from north east to south west. They went from directly overhead to the mid west sky before becoming too far away to see they were moving much faster than a commercial airliner & were gone in about 1minute or so. I would've expected to hear them but they were completely silent.

Anonymous said...

I am a neibour of the man who saw the lights in Victoria Australia, we as well saw these lights as well as a lot of people in the area. 12 photos were taken by them which have not been published, amazing shots. To much publicity and ridicule. They still have the photos.

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