Sunday, December 19, 2010

Planes or Ufos ? over santiago Chile 17th Dec 2010

Emails all coming in from the latest sighting in santiago Chile 17th Dec 2010.
If you live in Santiago Chile and have further images and details please respond to this post.
Yet again we are thinking this is simply an airforce practice event again similar to the one that happened in the area a year ago, we would like your comments and take on this:

2nd video

News report (in Spanish)
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VirtuallyLucid said...


You posted about this last year when the annual event happened then, too. It was very clearly demonstrated to be an annual event, along with video links to the squad the performs these maneuvers.

The person in this most recent video even SAYS he records it every year and that it is an annual event IN THE VIDEO.

Why is this a question?

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