Friday, April 08, 2011

FBI - The Vault New Roswell File by FBI Informant Guy Hottel

They took down the link so here it is again.

As explained in the previous post - this is basically a new file from the FBI's own database - The Vault.
Its very interesting as the document is legitimate and reveals that a FBI Informant named Guy Hottel files a sworn memorandum that a Craft and bodies were recovered from Roswell.
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Anonymous said...

Where was the original link?

Anonymous said...

Everything said here about the document is incorrect. This memo, released to Dr. Bruce Maccabee in 1976, was written by FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Guy Hottel. Hottel was not an informant, the memo is not "sworn" and it does not relate to Roswell. It was most likely a report relating to the Scully Hoax (no, not that Scully). I have discussed this memo in my UFO-Nukes Connection lecture since 1981.

Geez, how poor! The person who posted this, and so badly botched the description of it, is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

--Robert Hastings

Anonymous said...

This document could be a smoking gun but a few things about it worry me:

1.) It probably won't be good enough for the debunkers even though it's an official document. They'll just say Hottel or the AF investigator were wrong, or the whole thing isn't proof of anything.

2.) The document doesn't appear to be top secret or classified, which is a little odd considering the subject matter. Most classified documents have a top secret/code word designation.

3.) It could be disinformation set up by the government to spring a trap later on down the line if the media picks up on it. In other words, they could release further disinformation to put the whole subject matter in a worse light to further de-credit it in the public eye.

Kibby said...

The original link was in ... really? they took it down? did it upset the religion people hoping we were the only ones on this planet in the vast universe? Arrogant ppl..

Kibby said...

You're right. They really took it down..

Hieronymus Braintree said...

If this is legit, it's the smoking gun. Hot damn!

Well, maybe not. Is this a direct witness or merely hearsay?

Anonymous said...

Once again, the history of this document is well-known and it is not very important in terms of being evidence of anything. It's certainly not a smoking gun. See my comment above.

If one wishes to read something important--something credible--about Roswell, see USAF General Arthur Exon's comments to researcher Dr. Kevin Randle at:

I have researched UFOs for 40 years, spoken about my findings at over 500 colleges since 1981, and had my 9/27/10 UFO-Nukes Connection press conference streamed live by CNN. The full-length video of the event is at:

Do I have all of the answers about UFOs? No, of course not. Far from it. But my posted comments here and elsewhere are based on research, not shoot-from-the-lip opinion. I am appalled at how much unevaluated crap about UFOs is posted online, by uninformed webmasters and bloggers alike.

Geez people, do your homework before posting your, ahem, wise observations about this or that. Yeah, research is hard work. Blogging is much easier. I guess it comes down to having something valid to say--from whatever perspective, pro or con--as opposed to just adding to the Wall of Noise that usually passes for online UFO discourse.

--Robert Hastings

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I give no more credence to this document than ALL, that was presented in the Disclosure project at the National Press Club Washington DC-May 9,2001

"& that was really something!"

But you know!..we're still waiting
so don't hold your breath for too long!

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is google and you can link in.

Anonymous said...

If the document is fake, why is it on the FBI's Vault website with no mention to authenticity and sections blacked out? On other files they clearly write BOGUS across the pages.

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