Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ufo over Melbourne Australia ?

Interesting new video in from my favourite Australian city Melbourne.
If you live in melbs and also spotted something like this recently please let us know and respond to this post.
Posters comments:
Filming jet when I noticed this sphere. Was totally stunned. Filmed with night vision scope, object has no navigation lights as clearly compared with the high altitude jet.

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Nick DK said...

I would guees its just a flare, by the way it implodes in the end.

Anonymous said...

what was up next? why the video stops so early?

Anonymous said...

i agree , it does look like a flare

Michael said...

Flares don't move w/forward momentum, nor do they pulse; They just slowly fall, maintain a bright glare for about 30-60 secs & then fizzle out. Flares are a logically unsound explanation. Satellites have been the other debunk, however satellites don't ever fly this low unless they're on reentry, & in that case it would be descending in altitude, & wouldn't be anywhere near w/in the vicinity of an FAA regulated aircraft. I'm going w/ something ET or experimental/unknown on this 1.

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