Friday, March 29, 2013

Nuclear Physicist Talks ETs On Australian TV

In March 2013, an Australian TV show interviews Charles Hall, who says he worked with ETs at US Bases.
The Vietnam veteran and nuclear physicist claims he spent two years working with extra terrestrial beings during his time in the military.
It is the second time in the last month the ET / UFO connection has appeared on morning time Australian television this month. Its obvious the Australian public take the topic much more seriously than ever before.
The real question here - is Mr Charles Hall genuine ? His tone seems sincere and his descriptive depictions of the ETs do make you wonder... However Mr Hall's story isn't new and he has spoken at many UFO conferences over the last decade. Like others on UFO circuit, has books to sell documenting his story - so I will leave it to you to judge whether he claims seem genuine:

Charles Hall talks further about The Tall Whites:
“… by the time they get to 600 or 800 years old they’re very tall. 8 and a half, 9 or 10 feet tall.” - 3:15 onwards
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Anonymous said...

Heck!..How can you argue with that interview? they seemed genuine and
relaxed,and to the point,well spoken! and I CRACKED UP with Mrs.Halls comment on her husband being a "caricature" and she was his caricature reference:)lol

Got me thinking!

Its a big step from going to the moon in 1969 and thinking just craters and nothing but! and in 2013 here on earth, 44yrs. later,we're working with aliens that look like us "AND LIVE for hundreds of years"..well why not? it just needs getting used to!

A culture shock you might think!?

But TEN ft.tall???...I'm not sure I can run fast enough!!Let alone
being a friend, and saying: hop in mar carrrr!..Would the seat go back far enough?:)lol look...its a good start,but I'd like to see & hear more! nerves depend on it:) up to what did you say 10ft.tall? Mmmmm..Tall Whites? my car would be just, a toy..........

Anonymous said...

this guy is so full of **** it's not even funny

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:15pm.

If your mind wasn't so constipated
you'd know samething about UFOLOGY!

Unknown said...

He sounds full of it.

Unknown said...

He sounds full of it.She could be deaf.

Anonymous said...

You say HE is full of it!

We do too!..Full of EXPERIENCE!!

Mrs Hall,is not deaf,she is his caricature reference:)............

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