Monday, July 01, 2013

Further UFO videos in from Surrey British Columbia june 25 2013, 10pm

Further UFO videos from Surrey.
Second video: Note the object stays motionless even with fast moving clouds:

Third UFO video (please view in full screen - see below)

This Is the third video from Surrey BC which shows a UFO in storm soaked weather. This footage proves without doubt that UFO's were at the area before and during the storm. The evidence is real, the footage is real, with 3 videos we have the proof its real, but will the government news agencies show the footage? Silverfox441 who uplauded the amazing catch states: UFO over Surrey witnessed by my wife and I. It's a crappy Iphone video i'm afraid. Sorry for the bad language. I'm an ex-Canadian Air Force member with 11 years of service and a licensed pilot. I have been working at or near airports most of my life. I know a thing or two about aircraft, choppers, weather balloons, rockets, swamp gaz. This wasn't any of them
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Nell186 said...

Third video??!! Still have not seen the first video! Are you sure theyve been uploaded? Disappointed.

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