Sunday, April 08, 2007

Youtube culling the best ufos videos ?

Youtube has now pulled yet another high profile ufo video poster
'mattsydney', along with '36ufos' and most if not all of the remaining high profile ufo video posters, this leaves hundreds of great ufos videos being removed everymonth. For those who have been looking on youtube for ufos videos you will know what i mean - there is really something strange going on, read more about this here Rate this posting:


Gordon said...

I can't believe this, he had so many good videos. Something strange is definitely happening...

Anonymous said...

I think this has to do with copyright violations and nothing else. Also think "why are youtube removing them" is the wrong question to ask, instead one might wonder why we are forced to watch the ones "wanting everyone to know" on YouTube and why they are not making it publicly available.

I posted my 2 cents into the thread on ATS.

Cheers ~ Lasse

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