Sunday, May 06, 2007

Scientific proof of what creates Crop Circles?

It is commonly well known that orbs, also known as balls of light or plasmas are the objects that create all genuine crop circles. Thanks to scientific research by Biophysicist Dr. Levengood and the work of the BLT Research Team much study has gone into crop circles - pointing to the fact that they are made by 'plasmas' which emit some form of energy that imprints on the crops. Scientific proof and study on crop circles includes an analysis of many factors including a large abundance of magnetic particles found in the crops and changes in node length and 'busted' or 'blown out nodes' on the crops - indicating they have been subjected to large amounts of heat. (click here to read the indepth research papers or here for the summary of it)
The below movie explains this indepth and below this are numerous examples of orbs seen around crop circles

Here are some great videos of Orbs seen around crop circles"
Barbury Castle



Polish analysis

This one may be a fake but the guy who filmed it was pressured to make a statement on it for some reason, nevertheless it gives you the idea of how the crop circles are formed :
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Anonymous said...

where are the videos ?

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reprograming the earth i see. :)

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