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Global warming - for the skeptics

Hi All, My apologies for posting this unrelated to ufo post again but this topic is of most concern to me. I received many comments saying that global warming is not real and it is part of a coverup to 'manipulate' the population. Yes i did watch The Great Global Warming Swindle but I do not agree with this film nor the conservative scientists opinions that it is the sun not Co2 causing global warming. If it was the sun wouldn't the 'natural' fluctuations in the sun over the past few millions of years the earth has been around caused melting of the poles in the past and if not why are they still here and why is it they only melting just now?And just because global warming is a hot topic in the media at the moment doesn't necessarily mean there is some implied coverup or alternate agenda being planned for the public - you know not every story is necessarily a coverup in disguise!. Infact some scientists have actually been 'bought out" by the oil companies to discredit global warming research in this way and it looks like they are doing a good job at it. This film is exactly an example of what Al Gore mentions about anti global warming propaganda: "all they have to do is to create doubt and they have won".

For those who think Global warming won't impact on them think again!
For us living in Australia, the impacts of global warming are all too real and plain for us to see, its impacting on our lives right now - the last two summers have been the hottest ever on record, we have a looming water crisis - shockingly our dams are all almost empty (causing us now to resort to desalination) and now the main food basin suppling food to Sydney is without water and we are for the first time ever experiencing systemtic crop failures . As a result we are currently paying heaps more for fresh food and this will increase as all these foods will have to be imported, and our industries of agriculture are experiencing losses, impacting on our economic growth as a nation. Our prime minister said "this is the worst draught in 1000 years and he recently he told to the nation we should "pray for rain". This is simply not some cyclical natural phenomenon!.
You only have to look at the below images below to simply grasp whats going on here - its a simple fact : industralisation = CO2 increase = global warming !
These images show arctic sea ice melt as measured by satellite data in September 1979 and again in September 2003. (The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, November 2004, page 31 of PDF)

Seasonal surface ice melt extent on the Greenland Ice Sheet has been observed by satellite since 1979 and shows an increasing trend. The melt zone, where summer warmth turns snow and ice around the edges of the ice sheet into slush and ponds of meltwater, has been expanding inland and to record high elevations in recent years. (The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, November 2004, page 46 of PDF)

The images, recorded by NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer satellite sensor, show the Larsen B ice shelf and parts of the Antarctic Peninsula (on left). The first photo on January 31, 2002 shows the shelf in late summer. The next photo shows the main collapse on March 7, 2002, with thousands of sliver icebergs where the shelf formerly lay. (National Snow and Ice Data Center, 2002) Rate this posting:


Anders said...

Global warming and climate change is in deed real. But even if you believe the CO2 hoax the solution they are pushing which is a global government and a global tax isn't going do solve anything.

It's painful to watch people get hypnotized by a fear monger like Al Gore. There is no consensus behind the UN climate report. They simply added lots of scientists names without asking them first. Some of these which have a spine have gone public about this. Google it... I am sorry, but I see it as a complete scam.

Let me ask you this? If CO2 is the cause? Then why is the poles on Mars melting also? (
Does Mars look industrialized to you? Saturn ice-covered moons are also melting. Our sun is going through massive change which effect the whole planetary system and not least life on earth. Check out the 2012 info and please do check out this website and read the book:

Did you not hear Carol Rosins testimony ( add two and two together and figure it out. Global warming is a perfect global crises the globalists can and already are taking advantage of on a massive scale.

There is no doubt that mother Earth is suffering greatly. But CO2 emission is the least of her worries. We are going through a healing period now. Just like when you fast you experience crisis. This healing is so overdue that we can expect massive crisis all over the world.

I ask you to please reconsider giving energy and support to this global scam. Please consider carefully the links I have provided . Al Gore and other wealthy people pushing this scam are as fake as you can be. How about living as you teach?

Al Gore has several private jets which he is flying around the planet in and telling people petty lies about how they should "save the environment" by changing light bulbs to a type of light bulb which is full of mercury. His ranch in the US is currently using 20 times as much energy as a normal US housekeeping. Do you really trust this guy? look at this please:

They want people to be scared. We should all keep cool and not loose our heads. Nothing good comes from that. For solutions I suggest you read the Handbooks presented on this site:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

with regards to colar flares:

according to duke university only 10 to 30 percent of global warming measured during the past two decades may be due to increased solar output rather than factors such as increased heat-absorbing carbon dioxide gas released by various human activities, so reducing carbon is still a concern.

with regards to mars warming:

I contacted Bruce Jakosky, a professor of geological science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Among many other things, Jakosky studies the evolution of the martian atmosphere and climate. Here is what he said in his e-mail:

"I've heard the argument and it is not a valid one. The ‘global warming' on Mars is an observed transient effect that manifests itself as a decrease in one location of the covering of CO2 frost (as I understand the argument). The key issue is that it is a transient, not that it represents a monotonic warming ...

"Using the Mars data as an argument for a changing solar constant is absurd. We don't understand Mars well enough to make that case. And, more importantly, we have direct measurements of the solar input to the Earth over a couple of decades now that show no such increase."

But you don't need a Ph.D. in Mars science to figure out that a pattern of warming in one region of Mars (the south pole) observed for a few years does not "global warming" make. It's comparing apples and oranges.

But, like I said, this isn't about science. It just reminds us that nothing — not even our beloved egg-headed planetary research — is immune from being turned into fuel for partisan political warfare.

Anonymous said...

And I could post a picture of the shrinking Martian ice cap.
GW is becoming a religion of the enviro lobby and we are going to be beaten daily with every silly little thing being put down to the effects of global warming.

As Anders says it's the sun doing most of the damage. The climate is changing, moving around so to speak. And since when is CO2 a bloody pollutant! I'm sure our tree friends have something to say about that.

Crippling the worlds economy to stop the unstoppable is foolhardy.

We need to adjust and adapt.
The same as our ancestors did during the ice ages when the sun was going through a cooling period. Remember when global cooling was going to kill us all 20 years ago.Lol.
Gore is a creep and a hypocrite, and he and all those other power wasting, multi home owning, limousine riding, private jetting arseholes need to get a clue.
I won't post any more on this subject and I understand and appreciate your concern for the planet. But please, I view the GW panic as a political debate and I just want to find the latest stuff on UFOs from your neat site. Cheers.

Anders said...

Bottom of line is: There is no consensus in scientific community about CO2 being the cause. Al Gore's numbers and graphs are completely bogus even by the standards of the other hysterics. take a look:

19 000(!) scientist agree that CO2 does NOT cause global warming. The real consensus is that it is getting a little warmer. That is all.

Water vapor is by far the worlds greatest greenhouse gas. It accounts for 95%(!) of the earths greenhouse effect.

This means that at best CO2 can account for 5% of the greenhouse effect. And man accounts for around 5-6% of the CO2 emission. Add all this together and you will see that man made global warming because of our co2 is a joke. Why does Al Gore not mention this obvious fact? hmmm...

The sun heating up is the most simple and clean cut way to explain global warming considering the facts and applying the principle of Occam's Razor.

I understand it is hard to turn around once you get wedded to an idea. But I don't understand how so many smart people can get fooled by this in the first place. Can people really don't see through the hypocrites and the hype? Can people not see the obvious agenda behind this?

Anders said...
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Anders said...

In deed, it is the Sun:

The claims made in An Inconvenient Truth are either wrong, disingenuous, or misleading. Gore frightens his audience by showing the breakup of the Larsen Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. He then states that if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet were to melt it would raise sea levels worldwide by 20 feet. But Gore conveniently neglects to inform us that over the last several decades, 80 to 90 percent of Antarctica has been growing colder, in direct contradiction to greenhouse theory. The main ice accumulation in Antarctica is not melting, it’s getting thicker.

— David Deming (Ph.D., University of Utah) is a geophysicist, an adjunct scholar with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs and associate professor of arts and sciences at the University of Oklahoma. He has testified on global warming before the Environment and Public Works Committee of the United States Senate.

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