Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton supports the New world Order? NWO

Hi guys, just a NWO not ufo related post:
I was all for Hillary Clinton until i watched this video, its quite shocking!- its obvious she is all for the NWO, no doubt if she's elected ufo disclosure will not be on her mind!
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Anonymous said...

The "Power people" is not interested in changes. The disclosure on this theme must been doing by the common people in videos,blogs, meetings, papers, sharing knowledge and taking action. Your blog is an example. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

Google...(Ron Paul) Read up on him and share it with everyone you know.

Anonymous said...

Is that the New World Order that at the end of the Cold War briefly held out the promise of no more proxy wars over ideology, and offered worldwide economic growth and democracy that would enable poorer nations to pull themselves out of poverty and reliance on UN welfare?

The same NWO that runs the internet that gives freedom of expression to billions?

Have you guys noticed that despite raving on about being controlled and intimidated by the NWO, you actually never shut up about it, and nothing ever happens to any of you?


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is a communist. All of you will find out sooner or later

Anonymous said...


To Quote Bill Clinton: "I have found my surrogate family in the Bushes".

If you are morally repulsified by the Iraq War, you probably won't cozy up with the instigators!

It's like Churchill having Tea with Hitler in the Winter of 1944.

Anonymous said...

Good job with the NWO posts. Loving the UFO stuff too. Anyone know whats happening with the disclosure project? Their site hasnt been updated for a while....

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