Monday, November 12, 2007

Amazing New UFO In Arizona Caught On Tape november 2007

The video looks a bit fake to start with but wait till the end of the video where he zooms out with the street lights and houses around it. Narrated by MUFON 2007 conference presenter Sam Maranto who speaks about this video shot in Arizona.
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Anonymous said...

I would have to say what I'm seeing is a fire on a hillside you can see it get more intence and the smoke is kind of a give away. when pictures are so obvouse it makes it look like its all a houx when in fact its not I my self have seen a ufo I'm not saying it was from outer space but when something fly's over your house on a clear night real slow and its bigger than a two city blocks. shaped kinda like a boomarang and it seems so low to the ground you could take a shot at it and it makes no sound what so ever nore has lights then you have seen a UFO!

luves2spooge said...

hahaahah if you believe that its a fire your just a complete dumbass. it may not be a ufo but its in no way a fire man hahahha fuckin idiot

Anonymous said...

your right love anoynymous is completely stupid i don' know what he was on when he watch this vidoo it look like object not a fire

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