Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CNN changes its tune with 'ufos now a reality' - Gary Tuchman and UFO debate at National Press Club

CNN is now talking about 'ufos now as a reality', listen to Gary Tuchman from CNN on UFO debate at the National Press Club:
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Anonymous said...

Its hard to say one way or another unless you've actually seen something. Yes, alot of really reputable people claim to have seen unusual things in out night skies. Alot of which can be explained, and alot of which cannot be explained. The truth of the matter is, people should try to keep an open mind about things. In my opinion, to think that we are the only life in the universe, would be out right blatant arrogance. If you look at just OUR galaxy alone, there is an overwhelming abundance of stars, some of which are not that different from our own sun. If that is the case, then it only stands to reason, that life had to have occurred somewhere else in the universe. WE are nothing more than a spec of light in our own galaxy.
People will argue, well if they have the technology to fly 23 million light years, why come here? My question is why not?
We, as a race, are a curious people.
IF there is no other life out there, I for one would be dumbfounded. Just by the way of statistics, it logically doesn't make sense. Maybe in time, it will be discovered by way of science that there are other habitable worlds out there similar to own. But I truly think that the UFO experience is a true one. I've never seen one, never been abducted, but something certainly tells me, deep inside, we aren't alone.

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