Thursday, March 06, 2008

The full uncut Stephenville UFO video by David Caron

This is the full Stephenville video by David Caron
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LEAX said...

this is too weird ... donno what to think about it

Anonymous said...


Someone has been playing with exposure time on a camera and waving a glow stick in the dark with a bit of mic over dubbing.

Why do these attention seeking idiots waste our time.

trust me this is pure fake.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to LMH regarding her "alien symbology" interpretation of the footage.

Nowhere in the sequence are patterns ever repeated -- necessary for a purposeful message. Rather, the movement is stochastic, indicating random wavings of the glowstick toy.

Anonymous said...

thare are some expareaments done by the government, to try and control the weather, by shooting blasts of high energy/waves of sound into our atmosphere, im not to sure how it works but those look to me like lightning bolts

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