Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mount Adams Ufos & Orbs - testimonials from James Gilliland Ranch

As most people know at the moment Mt Adams in the US is a major Ufo hot spot. The man at the centre of it all is James Gilliland - he knows everything about the Ufos there, he has a large ranch where the likes of people such as Robbie Williams haved stayed to check out the Ufos for themselves (see his site).

Infact, to date about 3,000 people have witnessed UFOs at James’ ranch. He has published many testimonials from visitors (see below). James has had numerous visitors from the U.S. military, the CIA, NASA and other alphabet soup agencies. He has had Special Forces operatives visit him, as well as people who say they worked on captured extra-terrestrial craft, to reverse-engineer their technology.

As is evident from the testimonials, a common incident is a UFO “powering up” and becoming very bright in the sky. No mundane phenomenon can account for it, let alone the many sightings where the craft have flown low over James’ ranch. If UFOs fly close to the ranch or land on Mount Adams, the U.S. military and related organizations can be counted on to chase or attack them, sometimes shooting exotic weapons, such as lasers and plasma weapons (which do not seem to affect the craft). Operatives from the spook world have watched those UFOs “power up” above James’ ranch, and they say that nothing “we have” can do that. source
Latest triangle Ufo seen there:

Great Testimonials from people at Mt Adams:

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fucking moron
why is it fake then ?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys need to know this ... shining lasers at airplanes is a Federal offense here in the U.S.
I think somebody needs to tell that one hippie on the last video not to be doing that ?

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous number two.
what's your address so I can send you a dictionary, it looks like you need to expand your vocabulary!

mike said...

Video made at the Gilliland Ranch, I reviewed a couple of dozen times. I am engaged in professional video montage and I can say 100% that this is not forgery. It really shows UFOs! Such distinct video made by high-quality equipment, I have not seen!
This should see everyone!

atx said...
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atx said...

Pay no attention to Blanket Deniers, I myself am trying to get ready to go up to Mt Adams myself.
Any debunker who relies on blanket denial can be ignored, or kick the crap out of them. Your choice!

Deborah said...

I was there a couple months ago. It is amazing and exhilarating to see the orbs and the UFO activity.

If you go there, you can see it for yourself.

Mumford Gumwater said...

Oh, ya...Shining lasers at airplanes IS against the law. However, shining lasers at UFO's is not. (they probably like it anyway. Everybody likes their fifteen minutes of fame.). Marc in California.

foxy said...

to mike dont post links that ask you to install Trojans
it asks to install an active x plugin called command and conquer world builder(fuck all to do with active x) which according to malware bytes is a trogan downloader

fake fake fake fake fake fake... trojan dropper do not follow this link or any thing to do with tube direct

Anonymous said...

I did americorps out there in 01/02 and **we** (groups of folks, 5-10 strong) saw large orbs rolling down the mountain...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed strange lights over the Gifford Pinchot National Forest many times. You don't have to visit Gilliland's ranch to see them. I've actually seen these "UFOs" from my north-facing back porch in Hood River. There's definitely something going on here, but who really knows what? If you think it's a bunch of crap, you should go for a camping trip in the GPNF and decide for yourself.

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