Monday, September 08, 2008

UFO's over Six Flags Georgia september 5th 2008

Very interesting ufo video guys:

posters comments:
Sept. 5th 2008 there was something going on over the skies of Six Flags Georgia. While thousands of people were enjoying themselves at the park around 9:45pm, several strange craft played above them for at least 15 minutes. it was hard to capture video of the moving vehicles, but the three stationary ufo's held their positions for many minutes. i did not have a tripod so the video is shaky. but i did manage to use the automatic digital zoom, and you can see the objects pulsing. one pulsed blue, the other red. i did not zoom in on the third. they were lined up in a triangular formation and seemed to be vertically oriented, spinning like wheels. they were about 1000 to 1500 ft in altitude, and were west of the park above interstate 20 about one mile away from where we were.
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