Thursday, September 11, 2008

Safety worries not yet over for Large Hadron Collider LHC

Hey guys,
As the media all over the world announced today the the LHC was now running and that all is well and safe, we have again been mislead into a false sense of security.

The test runs done in the LHC today were only particle beams in one direction. No major collisions were performed by two beams crashing in together (the conditions needed to recreate the big bang) - and these are the conditions physicists are worried about as they may create black holes and explosions.

I find it quite deceptive that this wasn't explained by the media - especially when i turned on my Tv i heard 'we can all live another day the LHC is safe'. It seems that the PR stunt cern pulled with the LHC worked well today and has got the media off their back - for now. The real threat now comes as the LHC tests the collisions from 2 beams over the coming weeks.

I feel the LHC experiment highlights the complete arrogance of science today. The project has had total disregard for the safety implications of the planet and was continued even when scientists on the project acknowledged they were 'messing with the unknown'. And what was this done all in the name for anyway? - well not much really, just to prove some theories which yield no practical benefit to us .

Just like the HAARP project being carried out in the US, that fact is that that large man made experiments like the LHC now really do have the power to damage the earth . In this way, we are literally handing over the responsibility of the safety of the planet into the hands of the few scientists and politicians who oversea these multi billion dollar projects.
- But should we surrender our trust just because we are told scientists are doing these things 'for the benefit of mankind' when really we are handing over resources of enormous power and potential danger? - your comments appreciated guys

LHC in action...

'Big Bang Machine' Switched On


Here's an article on the LHC in operation:
At 9.30am the start-up team in Geneva announced they had achieved "first beam" at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the biggest and most complex scientific instrument ever built.

Protons - one of the building blocks of matter - were spun round the giant particle accelerator's 27 kilometre-long circular beam tunnel at just a fraction under the speed of light.

The next challenge is to “capture” both beams, so they fire in neat 2mm pulses, and to fine-tune them. Then the LHC will move on to collide the two, to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang. There will be no collisions today, but it is possible that some trial collisions will be performed as early as next week, to help scientists to calibrate their detectors ....

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Anonymous said...

I say the scientists should go for it. Seriously, With out risks where would we be today. Life at times is a gamble and although this project may seem pointless to some, it might proove to benefit us in the near future.

Anonymous said...

The scientists should go for it.
Life is full of risks. Where would we be today if we always played it safe. As of now, this project may seem pointless to some, however, in the near future it may help take part in a larger role.

Anonymous said...

Risking over own existence on the shake of knowing how universe came in existence is stupidity me :) Might be 14 oct hype could be real and they came here to clear the mess what we are doing with this sh** u never know

Neurotoxicum said...

Hey matt,
this is nothing against you so please don't take it personally.

I think you did exceed riding on the we're-all-gonna-die-wave a litte too much.

There are lots of particle colisions in space and even at earths athmosphere that resemble colision energies as we will get in the LHC - And know what? we're still here...
And slowly getting to these amounts of energy in other colliders hasn't shown any evidence of opening the doors to hell yet. So it's not very likely for the earth to be destroyed by black holes or strange quarks out of the LHC.

sincerely yours

Anonymous said...

The blogger obviously don't know anything about LHC nor about physics. I'm sure it's because of (I assume ofcourse) the US Media? The only peoples "concern" about this is basicly in the US. And it's NOT the physicists who actually understands this. The only thing that could go wrong and "gamble" with is the equipment at the accelerator. NOT the planet !(omfg)! It's worse then stupidity. Theres apperently some lawsuits from verious sources in the US thats sueing this amazing project. The whole world is laughing at stuff like that you know. There really is no wonder why just beeing and american makes people giggle. To claim that there is no "obvious benefit", is like not beeing able to use Dollars to buy stuff in Germany and then throwing it away. Geez, what an ignorant statement (honestly when I think about it, I shouldn't expect much else from a blogg with this theme anyway). Really I could rant all day here, however I won't simply because I _don't_ have all day to be honest.

Just a final thing. There is never such a thing as "scientists vs the rest", so to say "the scientists should go for it" is ignorant. Just because you may not understand what the point is right now, neither did Maxwell understand why his equations was important. He is just one example by many many peoples through out history. Why start to look for new better- and nonpolluting-fuel when we can't be sure we'll find one? To argue like this is like looking at beautiful art and wonder why the paint was wasted.

Yours truely, "The Physicist"

Crash said...

The physicists, while considering the data, often fail to question further, as to the moral and human implications, in their zeal to prove their theories right.
the splitting and smashing of atoms releases huge amounts of energy, all "contained" within magnetic fields. That alone should cause pause. anything that can release that much energy can also (and often does) become a weapon. When the first atom bomb went of at Trinity, the scients weren't really sure if it might ignite the atmosphere, but the data should it shouldn't, so they set it off. During the first test run of the LHC, a section exploded (those that remember) due to a small math error. It's the things we don't know, the circumstance we cannot perceive that worry me. for example, the LHC runs on massive amounts of electrical energy that is piped into the system by various power stations...we'll power stations go out/blackouts. what if that happens during the containment process after the collision. What if a particle we've never seen before (while scientifically exciting) causes unforseen havoc to our planet.
Yes, as anonymous said previously, some risks are necessary for advancement, but to price this time may be all of us...and for what, to say "yep, there it is."

Anonymous said...

there's nothing like a mass hysteria ... can you believe somebody actually filed a lawsuit to stop them .... LOL !

مثلية و لي الفخر | BLonDDyKe said...

but wait!! it might go wrong i hope it works but i do hava risk which is MANKIND!
its another weapon 2 erase earth!
it was horoshima now wat THIS?!...
wait a few years then test it now NO DONT cuz we dont know much of it or wat would happend.

sure i wanna see other life & other demisiouns but even though nothing comes CHEAP!
there is a price to everything.

Anonymous said...

It´s indeed enlightening to see educated comments here. Yes, our scientists want knowledge and not to kill themselves and us. They have done all that is good for us until now.
However, our recent deeper interest in UFOs started after the July 1947 crash at Rosewell. It was about 2 years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident. Since then, some culture alien to us is probably trying to warn us not to involve ourselves in self-destructive inventions. It is just a "perhaps"....

zigoapex said...

I think your selling the scientist
short.Its not like they are in a chem lab mixing a bunch of stuff together like a couple of kids and don't have any idea of the outcome.
And if there is any chance that
they can create clean,cost effective energy from it,i think
its worth the risk because if we don't find something soon,were definitely going to kill the planet.
and finally,so many people contradict themselves so bad,its like they have split personalities.
people who are on this sight that believe aliens are watch,interacting with us(witch i believe)do you really think they wouldn't put stop to it just like they shut down missile silos?

Neurotoxicum said...

One word 'bout science itself:
Science is like sex: Sometimes something useful comes out, but thats not the reason, we're doing it.
Much science has been done and a few years later there comes something out, which nobody would have expected. Its experiments like that that brought us inventions, we can't imagine to be missing today.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"The Physicist" again.

I realize that there's only a marginal percentage that understands what LHC is actually about. That knows about all the hundreds of safety checks and consideration. Everything you could possibly think of, has already been thought about by people with actual knowledge on the subject.

Now, to relpy first to the guy starting with "crash said...". The scientific process is not to try to prove you own/ or someone elses theories. It's the exact opposite, you must attack the theory in all ways you can think of which would be able to disprove that exact theory. If you fail, and don't succeed in disproving that theory, then, well it's a 'good theory'. Doesnt meen that the theory is mathematical proven or anything, just that it's a 'good theory'.

The powers and energies used in the LHC is indeed great, infact I think it's 7 times as great as ever been used before in an accellerator. However, this is does NOT equal a possible weapon. There's huge differences. Compared to fission or fusion bombs, there is no significant chainreaction that reinforces itself through out billions of steps in a split second.

Also the claim that this is a threat to the planet (haha) is laughable. I assume it's because the "possebility of opening a black hole" statements. However if you have sufficient knowledge of black holes you would never ever actually believe that such a "black hole" could consume the planet. It's micro holes that consumes themself the moment they appear. This process is happening all the time through out the universe.

Also finally a quick response to "blonddyke".

To say that we "should wait untill we know more" is foolish. The theories we have at the moment have been known and worked out for decades. This is the first time we can actually challenge them to possible falsify them. To sit and wait and keep working on the same formulas without experiment wont be science untill experiemnts get done. Hence > fire the LHC.

Do I have to stress yet again that the planet is NOT in any kind of danger what so ever, and that this is NOT a weapon, what so ever.

I actually wouldn't mind going over the detailed physics if needed. However my guess is that it would be like explaining mathematical induction principles to kindergardners. It wouldn't really be suffice to have some elementary understanding of physics to grasp this. However I'd never say that is "too hard", anyone who actually wants this knowledge have all of my support to go for it! It's indeed a thrilling ride into the universe as it REALLY is.

Yours truely, "The Physicist"

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