Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14 Ufo Live chat & update as it occurs

I added this live chat so you could discuss in real time the latest on the October 14 Ufo event as it occurs. However as it isn't being used seriously i have made a new thread on the forum. So I recommend if you want to discuss this further, with updated news check the forum instead.

Keep your eyes to he skies and on to the live cam links (below chat box)Note use of the chat is only for ufo events, not general talk!

- Statue of Liberty, New York (USA) 
- Cairo, Pyramids (Egypt) 
- Berlin, Skyline
- San Francisco
- Rome Vatican (Italy) 
- Paris, Eiffel Tower (France) 
- Jesusalem Panorama, (Israel) 
- Moscow (Russia) 
- Washington, Capitol (USA) 
- Tokyo skyline(Japan) 
- Sedona, Arizona (USA) 
- Mexico City (Mexico) 
- Cape Town, Table Mountain (South Africa) 
- London (England) 
- Cusco, Peru 
- Sydney  Harbor (Australia) 

If you have any new footage please reply to this post.
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Anonymous said...

UFO's are real. Aliens are NOT! They are just time travelers right here on earth. Some of them are just evolved more than others.

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