Thursday, October 23, 2008

UFO / meteor sighted in Singapore

Alot like the Ufo i saw over Brasilia guys .. may be a meteor but don't these break up quickly?
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Anonymous said...

"My God Jim, what have we done"!
Thanks for posting.

Semvhu said...

This is the first time I have ever rated any of the videos you posted better than "OK." I've no idea what that is.

Dr Reason said...

Good video quality, but this could well be the re-entry of a launch vehicle burning up e.g. booster rocket. I've seen this before (back in the last 1970's as some of the early COSMOS boosters re-entered over Western Europe (Especially around Jan 1 1978) - many semi failed launches.

Pegasus was launched by NASA last sunday:

""As far as the Pegasus, shortly after the third stage ignition we lost contact, which is expected as we fly over the horizon. Since we are in the South Pacific, there's not too many antenna stations to be able to bring that signal down. So we were completely expecting that."

Remaining fuel burns super bright and looks like as "silent" but hugely bright rocket moving slowing over the sky,

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