Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chemtrails over southend on sea essex 13-10-08

Governments all over the world are working hard to learn how to manipulate weather before global warming impacts on food production by using barium and heavy metals in chemtrails. If you see many criss crosses from planes in the sky like the below ones you may notice that eventually a cloud forms - however what they don't tell you i that barium eventually falls to the ground and can make you sick - this may be the reason why ufos are seen always near chemtrails - are they trying to neutralize them - who knows?
Latest chemtrails over southend on sea essex 13-10-08:

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synfection said...

i have seen loads of chemical trails over where i live in lincolnshire over the last month there was a few today also i shall take pics of the next ones o see or video them.

Anonymous said...

here too, germany - always - most every day now. i guess as worldwide. bastards. who flys the planes? are they steared? normal planes with strange fuels? why unusual airspace they travel? over cities, in circels and patterns, no commercial plane would do that, would it? - as we cant stop it right away, keep ask questions - answers will come, thats the strange thing about life/universe/reality it grows as long you demand growing. Focus un beeing outside the problem you want to dissolve while asking questions internal or external. Answers will come - quantum mechanics is called mechanics because its a mechanism!

Dr Reason said...

Kerosene + Cold Air = CO2 + H20 + Thrust.

Barium is in soil and dust.

"Chemtrails" ie. vapour trails are nothing but the result of the vast numbers of planes flying overhead in cold dray air which has suddenly had hot H2O vapour injected into it. Any dust particles in the air will cause immediate condensation, with the rest subliming.

Read here:

Anonymous said...

yeah right - and thats usualy what i wanna read when the sun is shining and some cute bombers block it with clouds within half an hour, flying in strange patterns and really seraching for holes in the clouds to close them - listen to yourself doctor, get scientific

Anonymous said...

Any Germans here? I have heard from my family, that there are chemtrails in Germany too.
Here in Southern California it is so bad that we don't see the sun anymore. I discourage tourists from coming here, hear me please: There is no more sunshine in Southern California. Our skies are a canvas for kids fingerpainting/ Chemtrails !

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